Online Bandwidth tester for VoIP

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Online Bandwidth tester for VoIP

Today, a business communications provider offering advanced internet, VoIP, network and wireless services to small and medium sized businesses, announced the release of its VoIP Test for businesses that measures bandwidth, latency, and detects if SIP and MGCP ports are open. Basically, all this is, is yet another online bandwidth tester that also displays latency and does some simple open port detection. Ho hum...

In any event, if interested, the VoIP Test is available at I ran their tests on our T3 Internet connection and it's not looking good. We can only support 2 IP-phones on our network :( and our latency is 705ms. Oh no!!! No VoIP for us! Yeah, I'm not buying it. Something is screwy with their bandwidth tests, since I've run other online bandwidth tests and get much better numbers than they list. Maybe their servers are overloaded? (see my test results below)

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