Over protective dog while I'm away at ITEXPO?

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Over protective dog while I'm away at ITEXPO?

While I'm away at ITEXPO covering all the latest VoIP news and meeting with industry insiders, my wife snapped some interesting photos of our yellow Labrador/Shepherd-mix dog Jessie with her paw on our 21 month old daughter, Megan. The look on Jessie's face says it all, but I'll translate for you just in case...

Jessie pinning & protecting Megan
Jessie: Just stay down kid. It's a dangerous world out there and Dad's not home. Dad's away at ITEXPO learning about dangerous VoIP security exploits, and something about business SIP trunks. I do my "business" to tree trunks - not "sip" them, but that's another story. I know Dad is at ITEXPO covering other VoIP stuff that my dog brain just can't wrap itself around. Suffice to say, you're just too damn cute for your own good. I'm pretty cute myself and strangers touch me all the time. But don't worry, I got your back.

Jessie with Megan - Spider senses tingling...
Jessie: [eyes darting towards stairs] Ut oh. Spider senses tingling... Oh wait, I'm a dog not a spider. Much be my super-sensitive ears hearing somebody pulling into our driveway. Stay tight kid. stay tight...

Jessie with Megan
Jessie: I told you to stay tight! Don't get up kid! Those blue eyes are trouble.. trouble I say!

Megan hugging Jessie
Megan: Thanks Jessie for watching over me while Dad is gone.
Jessie: It's a tough job, but a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. Can I get a SIP of your grape juice?

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