Paigezilla VoIP Point-of-Sale Customer Kiosk

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Paigezilla VoIP Point-of-Sale Customer Kiosk

Eutectics phones have been integrated in the latest Point-of-Sale (POS) Customer Kiosk made by Micro Industries that is designed to enable customers to reach a company representative while in a store. They claim, "Micro Industries' Touch & Go Paigezilla VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the newest self-service innovation for retail environments. Paigezilla, a state-of-the-art all-in-one computer allows the consumer to communicate via VoIP handset with your company, while they are in-store."

The Paigezilla with VoIP is designed to help retailers boost their sales while offering their visitors a virtual personal assistant. At first glance it seems a bit overkill to stick a PC with a USB phone in retail outlets when a standard phone works just as well. However, if they integrate other features into the built-in touch-screen such as a price checker, product finder, etc. it might make sense, especially considering many stores already do have touch-screen displays for assisting customers in finding products and for price checks.

The Paigezilla computer was designed to work silently, and built to operate dependably in retail environments. It can be bolted to a store counter, or mounted to a wall or column on its own accessory shelf. Using less than one cubic foot of space, the Paigezilla VoIP features a 10.4-inch LCD touch screen, integrated card swipe and bar code reader, and VoIP handset from Eutectics. The card swipe provides quick payment transactions while the internal printer issues receipts and coupons, creating a virtual sales associate. Paigezilla can be connected and content can be remotely managed via wired or wireless LAN.Here are the features:
* Interactive Touch Screen System
* Patent-Pending Fanless Operation
* Intel Pentium M or Intel Celeron M Processors
* Micro Industries Motherboard
* Microsoft Windows XP Embedded or Professional
* Wireless LAN, Cell-Phone Card or Bluetooth Enabled
* SAW or Resistive Touch Screen
* Integrated Countertop Stand
o Up to 3 USB 2.0 Expansion Ports
o 10/100 Ethernet Interface
* 10.4" Ultra-bright Flat Panel LCD
o 350 Nits Brightness Level
o 800 x 600 Resolution
o 16-bit Color
o Wide Viewing Angle
* Built-in 60mm Thermal Receipt Printer
* VoIP Handset
* Stereo Speakers
* Durable Construction
* Dimensions: 13.98"H x 14.59"W x 9.77"D

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