Peerio wins two Frost & Sullivan Awards

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Peerio wins two Frost & Sullivan Awards

Congrats to Popular Telephony whose P2P VoIP technology (Peerio) won two prestigous Frost & Sullivan awards...


Peerio Recognized as a Technological Breakthrough Named 2005 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award Recipient and Outstanding Value-Proposition with 2005 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award.

(Sophia Antipolis, France and Los Altos, CA) – August 8, 2005 – Frost & Sullivan recently acknowledged the advantage of Popular Telephony’s Peerio technological superiority and value proposition by awarding the company with both the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation and 2005 Frost & Sullivan Enterprise IP Telephony Customer Value Enhancement Awards.

“The Peerio technology has the disruptive capacity to revolutionize the telephony industry that we know and have grown accustomed too. Popular Telephony’s technology is inexpensive and offers a very low per-seat cost, while its ease of installation and configuration will also prove to be major adoption drivers. Popular Telephony is likely to be able to leverage the potential for Peerio to achieve acceptance within the early adopters markets, including the SME and SOHO segments where VoIP capabilities and features are appreciated, to rapidly gain market share. The ease of installation, and low cost for ongoing use, are equally attractive to the two market segments as they tend to understand the benefits of a converged network, but prefer to be able to outsource the technical know-how needed to deploy it, - said Elka Popova, Industry Manager, IP Communications and Enterprise Solutions, at Frost & Sullivan. “It should be noted that the Peerio technology is in an evolving stage, and as such, is susceptible to setbacks and more importantly psychological blocks to acceptance in the marketplace. However, the value-to-cost proposition that Peerio provides is expected to outweigh such issues and further enable Popular Telephony to succeed in the SME IP telephony market”.

Each year Frost & Sullivan presents the Customer Value Enhancement Award to the company that has demonstrated creativity and innovation as well as excellence in technical efficiency in offering a solution that meets the evolving needs of modern customers. This year Frost & Sullivan recognized Popular Telephony for having developed a unique serverless communications technology that greatly reduces business customers’ telephony infrastructure costs while providing them with superior functionality. Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, presented the award during the Awards Banquets in Boston.

"The Frost & Sullivan award is a tremendous honor for Popular Telephony," said Dmitry Goroshevsky, the CEO of Popular Telephony. "Popular Telephony is on its mission to challenge the dated telephony paradigm by introducing the next generation network communications architecture, with Peerio as the underlying technology. We have made a commitment to combine innovative engineering with customer-oriented marketing, thus providing a modern, self-reliant enterprise with access to technology that works in the same way it does. Peerio turns everyday communications into an on-the-fly, mobile solution and is perfect for growing, dynamic businesses who value efficiency and innovation over tradition.”

Popular Telephony is the first company to deliver serverless peer-to-peer communications technology and Peerio products line for the enterprise. The company’s patented Peerio technology is looking to revolutionize the telephony industry with the move from a "centralized" architecture to a "distributed" architecture. The Peerio middleware, residing at the core of the endpoint (PC or telephony device), enables the moving of all the functionality and features to the edge of the network. This is made possible by the use of Peerio-intelligent endpoints, plug-and-play devices, which connect with each other using serverless technology, in a fully protocol-agnostic manner. The company’s product line includes Peerio- a middleware for embedded platforms, PeerioBiz – a small business offering, Peerio GNUP - a global numbering plan and PeerioData – distributed file storage and sharing application. Phone manufacturers can embed the Peerio technology into their phones to make them P2P and VoIP-enabled.

Peerio’s revolutionary architecture dramatically improves scalability, security, reliability and cost as it provides an enhanced infrastructure for call control among end-points, without the need or use of a central server by preventing ‘bottlenecks’ and improving the load balancing of traffic on the network. Peerio-intelligent devices scale seamlessly for networks of one to over four billion lines while the autonomous design enables enterprises to reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership) expenses by as much as 80%; the TCO of Peerio system is a pure combination of an end-point device cost and Peerio licensing fee per device or software.

“Popular Telephony has been successfully developing close partnership with over 30 manufacturing partners, channels and VARs since our introduction just a little more than one year ago. We are 100% committed to the partner model via licensing and co-developments. With robust distribution channels and progressive and efficient solutions we aim to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the vendors and lead the serverless networking revolution," added Sophia Babkove, the VP of Marketing at Popular Telephony.

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