PeerioData Launches

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PeerioData Launches

Popular Telephony has been keeping me in the loop regarding their PeerioData product which leverages a lot of the work Popular Telephony had done on their peer-to-peer VoIP product (Peerio). Indeed, Dmitry told me I hit the nail on the head when I commented to Dmitry that it sounded like his then "unannounced" PeerioData sounded like a RAID5 configuration only using "peers" to store the data across multiple peers rather than multiple hard drives. An intriguing concept and it cooks like it has been launched...

Check out the news.

Popular Telephony, the pioneer of serverless peer-to-peer communications, today announced the availability of PeerioData(TM) - the new, much awaited Peerio-based peer-to-peer application for business environment. The DEMO version of the software is available for the test drive at the company's website

Based upon the award winning Peerio(TM) serverless middleware, PeerioData(TM) is the first peer-to-peer application to represent a comprehensive server-free file system, delivering a secure, easy and unlimited method for multiple enterprise users to share and store business data.

Peerio(TM) was introduced in 2004 as a groundbreaking platform for serverless telecommunications. The initial application on the base of Peerio included Peerio for VoIP (re-named to PeerioVoice(TM)), is a feature-rich embedded solution that delivers server-free VoIP communications that replaces a traditional IP PBX.

PeerioData(TM) provides a highly cost effective alternative to RAID arrays, as well as SAN server clustering and file sharing systems, which are widely used today in the enterprise environment. A clear example of the efficiency of server-free network architecture, PeerioData(TM) collectively utilizes unused hard drive capacity on existing workstations to evenly distribute content across the business network. The Peerio engine at the core of PeerioData(TM) ensures redundancy, high availability and security of any content stored on the corporate network.

PeerioData will also serve as an essential addition to Popular Telephony's serverless PBX offering, providing seamless and unlimited voicemail storage, eliminating the need for extra memory capacity on the IP phone.

"We are living the exciting moment of the networking paradigm shift towards the serverless methodology and Peerio is clearly a pioneering technology, allowing enterprise managers and users to implement a new advanced networking infrastructure," said Dmitry Goroshevsky, the CEO of Popular Telephony. "We at Popular Telephony are merely scratching the surface by presenting early Peerio-based communications applications. Going further, we're committed to continue and reveal the significance of Peerio capabilities, delivering a stunning range of serverless networking solutions in the coming months."

PeerioData(TM) sustains multi-level transactions that are genuinely peer-to-peer, and by that, is effectively enabling users to manage and share the data inside the enterprise. Due to its serverless nature, PeerioData(TM) provides a completely load-balanced content sharing: it retrieves a file simultaneously from a number of nodes, thus avoiding network bottlenecks and providing the shortest times for downloads.

The solution brings a transparent user experience, instinctively following the multi-level data catalog structure existing today, only without a centralized control. Enterprise users can securely share, exchange, track and version any type of file, accessed from anywhere, whether it is on a corporate workstation or a home PC.

PeerioData(TM) was created using the award winning cross-platform Trolltech QT3 software development environment, and as such is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

"Enterprise customers today expect their IP solutions to include new ways of enhancing performance and productivity, along with providing economic benefits," said Sophia Babkove, Popular Telephony's VP of Marketing. "Our VoIP customers are looking for smart solutions of consolidated operability. PeerioData is a flawless example of the genuine value-added application for corporate communications that makes the most of an innovative architecture of next generation serverless networking. Enterprises have already acquired a collective storage facility while installing workstations equipped with high capacity hard drives. Now with PeerioData, an organization will contribute an unsubstantial percentage of each workstation's capacity to effectively create a multi-terabyte redundant, reliable and highly available serverless storage network for a fraction of a cost, reaching the savings of up to 90% on TCO and maintenance."

About PeerioData(TM)

Data Management

PeerioData(TM) is a plug-and-play solution, thus no additional management is required to operate it. It is extremely easy to use, and enterprises do not need to worry about maintaining serverless storage network.


Unlike the most common file sharing solutions, all files stored in PeerioData(TM) will be available to all users even if some individual has decided to disconnect their workstation from a network.


Information stored in PeerioData(TM) can be classified as Private, Shared and Public. The data available for sharing is defined for each individual file or folder in the easy and intuitive way, supporting access for individual user as well as the group of users.

Public information will be available to all authorized network users. The data will be unavailable to any outside account, such as the user of another serverless network running PeerioData(TM).

Load Balancing

As any Peerio-based solution, PeerioData(TM) storage networking is perfectly load balanced. Unlike all traditional server-based centralized storage solutions PeerioData(TM) does not create any kind of bottlenecks on the enterprise IP network.


Employees can now work outside the office and be able to securely obtain their files from the network simply by logging on and accessing their files using their own PeerioData(TM) application over the broadband network. After a simple authorization procedure, the individual user will join their corporate network and receive full data access.

About PeerioData(TM) Roadmap

At this stage PeerioData(TM) exists in the Demo mode, available for immediate download by registered software developers from Currently, it supports limited functionality while it undergoes debugging and testing. Popular Telephony will appreciate all testers' feedbacks, committed through Peerio user forum at to develop a better solution.

The Home edition of PeerioData(TM) software is expected to be available later this year

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