PhoneGAIM Targets Skype

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PhoneGAIM Targets Skype



Someone emailed me about a new VoIP softphone client from Linspire, who typically develop Linux products. They now have a Windows version, tied to's service for PC-to-PSTN calling, but still based on the popular open-source Gaim IM software. Essentially by supporting SIP and partnering with SIPPhone, you can buy VoIP minutes and make outbound calls similar to the SkypeOut service. Better still, you can initiate a VoIP call to ANY USER on ANY MAJOR IM network, including AOL, ICQ, and MSN and the voice call is free. Skype can't do that!

So there are quite a few advantages for this product over Skype. One - it uses open-standards - namely SIP whereas Skype is proprietary. Secondly, unlike Skype, most major IM services are supported by PhoneGaim including AIM/ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. Could the powerful Linux community along with this popular IM software which is based on open standards take on Skype? And now with the Windows version released, could this finally be the Skype killer? We shall see..

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