Popular Telephony and Stealth Communications

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Popular Telephony and Stealth Communications

Some very important VoIP news to share that be announced at exactly 1pm today...
Popular Telephony Inc., a telecommunications middleware company and Stealth Communications, operators of the Voice Peering Fabric will partner to provide Peerio GNUP™ users access to Stealth’s VPF ENUM Registry. If you're not familiar with Stealth - they're the ones that power Vonage. And of course if you read my blog, you're very familiar with Popular Telephony - I've blogged them a few times lately.

Access to the VPF ENUM registry will enable users of GNUP to connect to a range of different IP telephony operators supporting ENUM and to communicate with other VoIP networks’ users for free.

Developed by Popular Telephony, Peerio GNUP™ is Global Numbering Plan application for VoIP communications. An autonomous part of the Peerio core technology, GNUP™ is lightweight peer-to-peer software that provides VoIP presence and access services for all types of VoIP applications (Peerio™, Liphone, IChat IV, Skype, any SIP/H.323 client) across all types of networks. GNUP™ works by assigning users with a unique number for seamless accessibility with any GNUP-enabled terminal or other network user through a GNUP™ partner service provider, while supporting full portability. A GNUP user can activate their number wherever they have Internet access and the GNUP™ software is installed (it can be carried on a smartcard storage device or simply downloaded from the web site) by keying in their log in information. GNUP™ then detects their presence and makes them accessible for interaction.

Stealth’s Voice Peering Fabric™ is a distributed switched Ethernet fabric that functions as an exchange for VoIP traffic. It allows members to establish peer-to-peer connections with complete transparency between buyers and sellers of VoIP routes. The VPF is accessible from most major carrier hotels and supports all major VoIP gateways and protocols. The VPF also incorporates access to the VPF ENUM Registry, the World’s first commercially accessible ENUM database. ENUM represents the convergence of the Public Switched Telephone Network and the Internet. Using the VPF ENUM Registry, calls between two VoIP enabled phones on separate carrier networks, stay within the IP domain end-to-end, completely bypassing the PSTN.

Current cooperation between Stealth and Popular Telephony will enable the mapping of GNUP numbers to ENUM and vice versa, providing essential interconnection for the millions of IP users worldwide.

“Our partnership with Stealth, the most innovative carrier-interconnect provider, illustrates how standards-based solutions and innovative technologies can co-exist and bring a real-life benefit to the consumer and enterprise users alike,” explains Dmitry Goroshevsky, CEO Popular Telephony. “We see our cooperation with Stealth as a very important step in Peerio’s evolution. It takes time and involves great amount of work, but we are not in hurry. We want build it right from the beginning, so the serverless technology will be established on a solid ground of interconnection, upon standardization and bring a real benefit to the consumer in the long run.”

“We’re excited to have Peerio on board,” says Shriahri Pandit, CEO of Stealth. “We built the VPF to support peer-to-peer connections between carriers and enterprises. Now, through our relationship with Peerio, we’re able to extend that paradigm to the individual, creating peer-to-peer connections between users. Personally, I can’t wait to get my Peerio phone.”

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