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Popular Telephony Breaking News

I just got out of my "A Close Look at P2P" session. I'll comment on the session in my next blog entry. First, I want to break the news that Popular Telephony now has the ability to traverse firewalls. The news isn't going to hit the "official" wires until late today or tomorrow. Just another example of breaking VoIP news from Internet Telephony Expo. Boy I love going to these VoIP shows - you get lots of scoops!

Ironic that I just downloaded the latest Popular Telephony client just a few days ago and the software told me something to the effect, "Sorry, Peerio does not work behind NAT firewalls". I was too busy to mess with the corporate firewall, so put it aside to play with for another day.

Now, I guess I have to go and re-download it. Damn it, I hate wasting bytes!

I'm told that the NAT-capable version is available for download right now. So go check it out. http://www.gnup.org/getgnup.html

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