Popular Telephony enters Japanese Market

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Popular Telephony enters Japanese Market

Two things...
1) You know that lame excuse/expression, "The dog ate my homework"? Well, for me that excuse has come true. While I don't have "homework" to do, my foster dog ate my glasses making reading and typing quite a challenge this Monday morning. My wireframe glasses are so mangled they resemble a piece of impressionist artwork. Maybe I'll take a photo tonight and post it tomorrow. Unfortunately, my disposable contacts are not where to be found either. So excuse any spelling mistakes or typos in my blog for the next few days until I get a replacement pair of glasses.
2) I know a lot of people are anxious to test Popular Telephony's P2P VoIP client. I was told to be patient - that Popular Telephony wants the code to be perfect and is checking and rechecking as it is being written for multiple platforms (i.e PC, MAC, Linux). Also, Popular Telephony made an announcement today stating they are entering the Japanese market that I thought I would share.

Here's the release:

(Sophia Antipolis, France and Tokyo, Japan--November 15, 2004-) Popular Telephony Inc, the telecommunications middleware company behind the Peerio™ serverless telephony invention, announced a licensing agreement with E-with-you, an innovative leading integrator of new technologies in Japan to deploy Peerio within the WiFi PAS telephony device, designed by E-withyou.

Led by renowned hi-tech visionary and former former Executive Technology Officer for Future Strategies at Panasonic, Mr. Shunsuke Matsuda, E-withyou is a leading broadband and Bluetooth system integrator in Japan, who counts Honda Research Institute (The Research Lab of Honda), Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Panasonic, and Netone Systems among its customers.

The current collaboration between the two companies brings together Popular Telephony's serverless communications technology with the best-in-class Japanese consumer-oriented communications.

Peerio is a groundbreaking peer-to-peer telephony middleware for embedded devices, enabling them to communicate directly with the full functionality of a telephony system, but without the need for a conventional call controlling server. Peerio is protocol-agnostic (SIP, H.323, etc.) with its massively scalable, secure and reliable platform and support of all standard and advanced telephony features.

The Peerio-enabled WiFi PAS telephony device will be marketed first to the enterprise market in Japan. Companies deploying the Peerio powered E-withyou devices will eliminate up to 80% of the actual system costs and up to 90% of Total Cost of Ownership when compared to a traditional telephony system. As with all Peerio enabled product. it will include a pre-selected set of telephony features upon release.

"Peerio is attractive in many ways including its scalability (Personal to Enterprise), choice of functionality (Private to Business), interoperability (Any network, any carrier), and its future possibilities (any media-voice, sound, image). It has the potential to change the landscape of media communications.” – said Shun Matsuda, the CEO of E-withyou.

"We are delighted to work with E-withyou on this exciting product introduction. Japan is a key market for Popular Telephony as it has always been the market for the newest and most innovative technology concepts,” explained Dmitry Goroshevsky, the Popular Telephony CEO. "From another perspective, Japan is also the most demanding market because the Japanese always expect to be offered the highest quality and most innovative products. We are looking forward to this opportunity, as well the challenge. We believe through this collaborative experience that the Peerio-intelligent devices will become a more mature, proven and consumer ready product for the larger consumer marketplace more quickly.”

About Popular Telephony

Popular Telephony Inc., recently named to the Pulver 100, is a privately held VoIP telecommunications middleware company, focused on bringing true peer-to-peer technology to market. With a strong patent portfolio, and a leadership team led by Internet Telephony industry veterans, the company aims to be the leader in the peer-to-peer telephony technology sector.

Popular Telephony is a U.S registered corporation with offices in New York, France and Israel.

For more information about Popular Telephony, visit the company's web site at: www.populartelephony.com

About E-withyou
Headquartered in Tokyo, E-withyou (whose name originates from "experience with you”) is one of the leading broadband system integrators and telecom consultants in Japan. E-withyou is lead by Shunsuke Matsuda, former Executive Technology Officer for Future Strategies at Panasonic, the renowned hi-tech visionary standing behind such revolutionary technology Panasonic's developments as DVD, Plasma TV to name a few.

E-withyou's business involves a broad range of activities, including the offering of short-range wireless solutions and licenses a variety of Bluetooth products (in partnership with Impulsesoft), system integration services (Museum- Panasonic Center/ Panasonic Project, National Science Museum; Mobile POS; At Pachinko entertainment center), system and applications customization (bank data exchange devices, Anoto pen communication devices, As Mobile POS terminal), cooperative reference design and manufacturing, initial system architecture design, hardware and software design (e.g. PAS-mobile, PAS-view, museum guides, etc.) http://www.e-withyou.com/

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