Q2 2008 VoIP Numbers

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Q2 2008 VoIP Numbers

Some interesting 2Q08 VoIP numbers to share put out by iLocus. VoIP shows some slowing in some sectors, but growth in others. Considering the unstable U.S. economy, these numbers are still very impressive.
7.7 million VoIP access lines shipped during the quarter, down from 7.9 million lines in 1Q08. This represents second sequentially quarterly decline from 4Q07. Of the 7.7 million lines shipped during the quarter, estimated 6.8 million went towards residential VoBB. The remaining were deployed as IP Centrex lines.

6.8 million Class 4 VoIP softswitch licenses shipped during the quarter, down from 7.1 million in 1Q08.

8.9 million service provider media gateways ports shipped during 2Q08, up significantly from 8.1 million ports in the previous quarter.

5.2 million SBC sessions capacity shipped in 2Q08, down from 8.9 million in 1Q08. Revenue, however, did now show such a depression Q-o-Q. Revenue decreased 1.3% sequentially.

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