Raketu new P2P VoIP app takes on Skype

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Raketu new P2P VoIP app takes on Skype

RaketuIs Raketu the next Skype killer? Raketu today launched a new VoIP client that also offers information and entertainment services. Raketu’s communications features include dialout calling (rakOut) to landline/mobile phones, Instant Messaging (supporting Raketu, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ, Google and Skype), SMS-text messaging, and file transfers/sharing.

Raketu's information features include news, sports, weather, stock feeds, and an advanced internet and travel searching facility. Raketu’s entertainment features include a podcast reader/player, games, and a full featured multi-media player with karaoke. Raketu supports click-to-call, click-to-im, click-to-sms, global online presence, and enhanced social networking features. I even noticed the software supports plugins, including games such as the classic Battleships game. I guess this would be Web 2.0 meets VoIP 2.0. Still missing some of my "cool" features for the perfect unified communications client.

In any event, Raketu’s peer-to-peer (p2p) technology allows high quality VoIP calling and they claim the highest call-completion, without the security issues associated with supernodes (i.e. Skype) and other traditional p2p technologies. And unlike other p2p communications providers, Raketu does not use your computer for other users’ communications.

According to Raketu, "More exciting services are planned for the coming months when Raketu will launch in-bound calling, advanced voice mail, large conferencing, and more. Today, Raketu provides the most comprehensive integrated communications, information and entertainment tool available, providing more options, more control, and more personal activity features than any other service."

Raketu runs over any internet connection including <gasp> dialup.

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