RightFax Users Group (RFUG) Meets to discuss Fax, VoIP, and more

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RightFax Users Group (RFUG) Meets to discuss Fax, VoIP, and more

I received an email last week asking for my assistance in spreading the word about an independent, non-profit RightFax Users Group (RFUG) and their inaugural meeting coming up on February 22nd. The users group will cover RightFax in a VoIP environment and include discussions of FoIP & T.38 topics I'm sure. TMC actually uses an older version of RightFax that we never got around to upgrading since it works quite well as it is. In any event, check out the news release which talks about this one day event:

The first-ever RightFax Users Group (RFUG) meeting is set for Feb. 22 in Minneapolis, Minn., at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Bloomington, 8a.m. - 5 p.m.  Steve Bouma, GMAC Res Cap senior systems engineer, a veteran RightFax user who is attending the one-day event, said, “It’s important to build a RightFax community, so we can share our experiences in solving business issues with fax automation. As the group grows, our hope is to build a library of fax automation best practices—something that all members can benefit from tremendously.”

Brent Lothrop, Dynamic Solutions Group (www.dsgi.net) president, explains why his company is helping to organize the RFUG and plan the one-day event: “So many of our RightFax clients ask us how other companies are using the product and wanted us to get involved in the effort.
We’re all for an ongoing forum—both in person and online—where we all can learn from each other how to get more from RightFax.”

Veteran RightFax users from J&B Wholesale, Norwood Promotions, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, ING Group, and United Health Group will share their experiences and answer questions. Topics include:
  • Using RightFax in a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) environment;
  • Using RightFax with Microsoft Sharepoint Services;
  • Best Practices for Migrating RightFax Servers;
  • Integrating RightFax with Business Applications.
Exhibits by related fax automation professionals will round out the day.

For more information about the one-day meeting or to register, visit www.rightfaxusersgroup.com. The group’s free online forum, http://forum.rightfaxusersgroup.com, provides an opportunity for RightFax users around the world to contribute to the users group.

About RightFax Users Group
The RightFax Users Group (RFUG) is a community of RightFax users committed to getting the most out of their RightFax investment. Through meetings and online activities that connect members, RFUG promotes productivity through education, networking, and sharing fax automation best practices, as well as inspiring creative ways to solve business issues with fax automation.

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