RIM partners with 3Com and Nortel to extend VoIP capabilities

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RIM partners with 3Com and Nortel to extend VoIP capabilities

Remember my BlackBerry 7270 blog entry? In that, I wrote:

The BlackBerry 7270 supports VoIP telephony that essentially extends desktop phone functionality to a BlackBerry wireless handheld allowing the user to place and receive calls on the go. It utilizes SIP-based call control to deliver standards-based interoperability with IP-PBX and traditional corporate telephony equipment.

Hmmm, I wonder if it will work with SIP-based ITSPs or SIP-based softclients like XTEN’s? It would be very interesting if you can simultaneously receive email and make a free VoIP call over the WiFi connection.

Well, no word on the XTEN support, but Greg Galitzine point out to me that RIM has signed deals with Verizon and Nortel.  In this deal,  RIM adds mobility to 3Com and Nortel IP-PBXs which extend those vendors’ IP PBX features to RIM’s Blackberry 7270 devices. These Blackberries operate on 802.11b networks and incorporate both voice and data capabilities. So basically you can make and receive phone calls from your Blackberry device and the calls are routed through the Nortel or 3Com IP-PBX.  This is great because if someone dials your office extension, and you are on the road, you don't have to remember to forward your calls to your cell phone.  Instead the call is routed over IP to the Blackberry 7270 device.

Check out Greg's blog article here: http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/greg-galitzine/voip/on-voip-mobility-security.html

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