SBE's new PTMC dspPTMC-6415 module

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SBE's new PTMC dspPTMC-6415 module

SBE is entering the VoIP space, by introducing a VoIP gateway on a single blade. Modular VoIP “blades” based around standard, interoperable modules like PMC, AdvancedTCA, and AdvancedMC reduce costs by limiting the number of unique blades that telecom OEMs and carriers have to purchase and stock. In a VoIP gateway equipped with transcoding modules, the system could be deployed in a minimal configuration and scaled up later without replacing the whole blade and without taking it off line. Due to inherent hot-swappability of AdvanceMC you can also switch blades without any down-time.

Speaking of AdvancedTCA, I actually learned about this specification awhile back when doing some research on Intel. I actually had an interview with Intel this morning about some very interesting news, but unfortunately I had to agree to an NDA so I can't tell you. I actually accidentally came across the news via "other means" before the NDA, so technically I discovered the news before the NDA. I really really want to share the news with my audience, but alas, I am a man of my word. :( Guess you'll just have to keep checking my blog for the next week or so when the NDA expires.

In any event, SBE released a high-end DSP Card designed for next-gen Voice/Video/Data/ applications. It is a high density telecom mezzanine card for high-end infrastructure equipment featuring up to eight Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6415 DSPs.

SBE's new high-performance PTMC (PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card) module, dspPTMC-6415, provides OEMs and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) with an extremely flexible and advanced DSP farm consisting of up to eight integrated TI TMS320C6415T high performance digital signal processors (DSPs) delivering over 64,000 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) total module performance on a single-wide PTMC.

"With SBE's dspPTMC-C6415, developers of voice, video, data and wireless convergence applications will be able to confront time-to-market and price challenges while greatly increasing application performance," said Danny Petkevich, Worldwide C6000 DSP Platform Manager, Texas Instruments. "Leveraging the flexibility and 1GHz performance of TI's C6415 DSPs, the PTMC module enables increased channel density per board and allows more MIP intensive application to be realized."

The dspPTMC-6415 offers a rich spectrum of features to system architects designing sophisticated network infrastructure equipment based on AdvancedTCA (ATCA), CompactPCI (CPCI), or proprietary platforms. In addition to its performance-optimized DSP farm, the dspPTMC-6415 supports data transmissions through a full TDM highway, 32-bit PCI bus, or Gigabit Ethernet interface. The card also simplifies system design and development through a variety of PICMG 2.15 standard interface options.

"With demands for integrated VoIP, data, wireless and video communications growing exponentially, the dspPTMC-6415, along with our developing family of VoIP/DSP solutions, will be invaluable for next-generation equipment manufacturers who are challenged by their telecom customers to provide the highest possible performance, requiring minimal rack space and lower budget dollars," said Greg Kopchinski, Product Manager, Embedded Business Unit, at SBE. "As a member of TI's third party DSP network, we expect to expand our reach and capture greater market share by leveraging TI's proven DSP technology and market leadership as well as our current customer base."

The dspPTMC-6415 makes software development and configuration easy via a wide range of on-board and off-board tools. The card supports algorithm development, integration, and debug through the PCI or JTAG interface.Each DSP uses TI's DSP/BIOS(TM), a scalable real-time kernel that provides the basic run-time target software necessary to support any DSP application.

The dspPTMC-6415 supports the complete set of TI's C64x(TM) DSP development tools including Code Composer Studio(TM) and the Chip Support Library (CSL) for DSP peripherals. SBE offers Linux drivers and board support package source code, including peripheral drivers and host bus interface support.

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