Scientific Atlanta and VoIP

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Scientific Atlanta and VoIP

When I think Scientific Atlanta, I think TV cable converter boxes. Now, with VoIP and the "triple play" becoming much more important in cable, Scientific Atlanta will no doubt enhance and extend the functionality of their TV converter boxes to include VoIP functionality. They're already doing just that. Bundling multiple functions into one box is always a good thing - less electricity usage, less boxes to administrate and integrate, etc.

So will Scientific Atlanta and other cable boxes "kill" the market for stand-alone ATAs? That's a hard prediction to make...

But maybe it's time I start tracking Scientific Atlanta's earnings to see if indeed cable companies are deploying and rolling out new cable boxes with VoIP functionality built-in. (Disclaimer: I do not own any Scientific Atlanta stock) Check out this release which mentions VoIP in Scientific Atlanta's product line:
Scientific-Atlanta Sets First Quarter Earnings Announcement Date

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