Sentiro PSTN and ENUM

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Sentiro PSTN and ENUM

Some more ENUM news to share today which complements my "Popular Telephony and Stealth Communications" blog entry...

Does this mean ENUM is gaining traction?

Sentiro Delivers termination from PSTN to UPT Numbers Based on ENUM. This allows the delivery, globally, of not only traditional voice services but also electronic services such as email, web, SMS/MMS, IM, and location-based services.

Voice Services Providers will benefit immediately from being able to add new or converge their existing services and make them available to a global market.

Users of these numbers will be afforded complete mobility, being able to instantly move from one service provider to another (Voice, email, web etc.) to take advantage of better and more cost effective conditions.

The global number range, (+87810), has been permanently delegated by the I.T.U. as a PSTN number resource and is defined in ARPA.E164 as eNum. The combination of both PSTN and eNum technology allows extremely cost effective routing, number portability, and supports protocols such as SIP, H323, MGCP and IAX.

Now a user can be reached anywhere, on any medium, on one universal number.

Following an agreement between Sentiro and a global Tier 1 carrier, which operates the world's most extensive Internet Protocol (IP) network, and provides connectivity in over 100 countries and has more than 4,500 Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe,and the Middle East, the provision of +87810 converged services is now a reality.

Sentiro are currently in discussions with major VoIP service providers to deploy its +87810 number range across their networks,because it is perceived as the most cost-effective routing and numbering solution that will allow services to be delivered to a global marketplace.

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