Shunra Virtual Enterprise v3.5

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Shunra Virtual Enterprise v3.5

Shunra Software Ltd., a leading provider of application and network performance management solutions for distributed enterprises, recently announced version 3.5 of its Shunra Virtual Enterprise solution. TMC Labs has reviewed Shunra's products a few times in the past and we've always been impressed. I actually still have a copy of their software somewhere in the labs. In any event, this new version includes expanded integration with related performance solutions, including Segue Software’s SilkPerformer, and scalability for modeling large distributed enterprises.

Shunra Virtual Enterprise recreates an exact model of the production environment including the Wide Area Network (WAN), remote offices, end-users and background traffic, giving users a place where they can safely test and experiment with the network, applications and infrastructure. According to Shunra, "Used throughout the application lifecycle, the Shunra Virtual Enterprise takes an empirical approach to modeling the production environment. Through this approach, users run the actual applications and send real traffic through Shunra's emulation technology, and import network conditions directly from the production environment. The accuracy achieved through this approach creates an environment that is as close to reality as possible, and eliminates the guesswork and risk of deploying new or updated distributed applications and infrastructure in production."

Among the many enhancements, key new features of Shunra Virtual Enterprise 3.5 include:

• Enhanced dynamic network emulation. The Shunra Virtual Enterprise 3.5 includes a variety of new features that support dynamically changing network environments, such as dynamic routing, real-time network condition changes and automatic packet modifications.

• Expanded end-user automation and integration. The Shunra Virtual Enterprise now integrates with Segue Software’s SilkPerformer automated load and performance testing tool. SilkPerformer simulates up to thousands of simultaneous end-users working with multiple computing environments and interacting with various application environments such as Web, client/server, Citrix® MetaFrame®, or ERP/CRM systems.

Support for SilkPerformer adds to existing support for web user automation, integration with Mercury’s LoadRunner 8.0, and custom developed tools and application traffic generators. Together these features deliver a broad range of options to automate the entire testing process from application scripting and scheduling, through network emulation and reporting, with even greater accuracy due to more precise real world traffic and application patterns.

• Enhanced scalability. The Shunra Virtual Enterprise can now model up to 100 remote office locations, thereby delivering support for critical business applications with a broad geographic reach, such as large multinational organizations.

“The increasing complexity of today’s network infrastructures and applications is matched by management demands for increased flexibility, reliability, availability, and security. Whether it is large corporate users, offshore companies, or ISVs, all face demands for higher performance and quality in services and deliverables,” said Michael Azoff, Senior Research Analyst, Butler Group. “This latest version of Shunra’s Virtual Enterprise Solution includes a number of enhancements that help customers face these challenges, and enable them to reduce risk in running large and/or complex IT departments, especially where mission critical applications are involved.”

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