SIPfish VoIP Recorder ITEXPO Coming Out Party

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SIPfish VoIP Recorder ITEXPO Coming Out Party


SIPfish, a San Francisco-based company and their SIPfish VoIP Voice-Recorder appliance has been in stealth mode - in private beta since March 2010. Now they are ready to bring their Linux-based appliance for general availability with their first public showing of the SIPfish VoIP Recorder appliance made at ITEXPO East 2011 in Miami.

I met with Scott Olsen, Co-Founder and CEO of SIPfish to learn more. One of the first things Scott said his goal was in this product was "no compromises on accuracy and we have to make sure everything gets recorded". He explained that they have done lots of regression testing and have engineered their product to have high throughput, leveraging  Intel advanced I/O for network appliances, which is designed to handle the capture of thousands of packets without losing a single one.

Scott said they are dealing with carriers now that are looking to record 20,000 simultaneous calls with maybe 5,000 calls that they want to record. They do 12:1 compression on the recordings to save on disk space. SIPfish is currently selling directly and doesn't have any channel partners.

Access to the recordings is done via the web and leverages AJAX with a nice clean look. Codecs supported include G.729, G.722, G.711, Skinny, and Speex. Scott said they are currently working on software add-on modules but couldn't give specifics what this would entail, but said some cool stuff was coming down the pike via these add-on modules.

Entry-level - 15 users        - $6875 (15 users)
Mid-level    - 25-75 users   - $9350 (25 users)
Enterprise  - 50-225 users  - $19875 (50 users)

Other features of note:
  • users can delete recordings
  • roughly total entry 14 million minutes
  • disks are encrypted
  • email notification system for low disk space
  • can share recordings.
You can check them out at their ITEXPO booth today and tomorrow, or head over to their website.

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