Skype video chat on iPhone 4?

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Skype video chat on iPhone 4?

Update: 12/30/10 Skype video for the iPhone is now available!
With Apple announcing FaceTime video chat on the new iPhone 4 phone, which sports 2 cameras (front and rear), the obvious question is will Skype offer video chat on the next gen iPhone?

To 'somewhat' learn the answer check this out:
Skype bringing video chat to iPhone 4

Update: I was contacted by a Skype spokesperson with the following clarification:
There seems to have been some confusion about a previous statement we shared with Pocket-Lint as to Skype's stance in regards to FaceTime.

Skype is the market leader and champion of video calling for consumers and it's clear to us that mobile video will become increasingly important to our customers in the coming year. We are glad to see that Apple recognizes the value and potential of mobile video.

However, just to be clear, we are not considering FaceTime as a technological platform for video calling in our own products. Based on Apple's statement about FaceTime being an open platform, we are looking forward to see how this process unfolds. We look forward to working with Apple to bring the best possible mobile video calling experience not only to the millions of Skype users on the iPhone around the world, but also to the countless more making video calls on desktops, TVs and other connected devices.

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