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What Skype & Rich Tehrani Do in Vegas Stays in Vegas

April 2, 2009

I won't comment on Rich taking pictures of scantily clad women unawares. In fact, I won't comment at all. I'll just steal Rich's pictures of the Skype CTIA event party in Las Vegas. The glass pool table with the Skype logo looks pretty cool, as does the giant mockup of an Apple iPhone.

How to Use Skype over 3G on iPhone

April 1, 2009

If you are looking to use Skype over 3G, look no further. I found several good tutorials online, but many of them were incomplete, so figured I'd write my own tutorial. As you probably know, Skype by default requires WiFi in order to make calls, but we're going to fix that so you can have some nice Skype over 3G action!

First, you will need to jailbreak your phone.

Skype for iPhone Blocked in Canada

March 31, 2009

I learned that the Skype for iPhone app is unavailable to our Canadian friends across the border in the Apple iTunes App Store. I contacted Skype for comment and their representative told me, "There are some patent-licensing issues which prevent us from offering it there."

I then asked if other countries were affected or if it was just Canada and was informed it was just Canada. When asked whose patent it was or what category it involved (i.e. mobile VoIP), the representative told me, "I can't go into many more details other than it's codec related."

Sounds to me like their was some sort of patent settlement which Skype can't talk about.

Skype on iPhone works over 3G

March 31, 2009

The Skype on iPhone application is working over the 3G data connection if you are running the beta 3.0 firmware. VoIP over the 3G cellular is clearly forbidden in the SDK rules, so it's obviously a bug on 3.0 that it works. How long before Apple closes the hole? It is surprising that Apple "approved" and certified the Skype app for their App Store without first "testing" if Skype would work on the 3G connection.

Skype on iPhone is Official

March 30, 2009

Gigaom's Om Malik was right about Skype launching a native Skype app for the iPhone. The WSJ and CNet are confiming Om's scoop today. When I say the news hit the wires, my initial reaction was "I hope Om go credit for breaking this story last week. He's one of the premiere bloggers and deserves credit from the mainstream media and other tech journals".

Alas, I was sorely disappointed that they didn't give Om credit.

IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone for Skype Review

March 27, 2009

The IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone for Skype launched just last month and IPEVO sent me a review unit to check out, which I've been testing for a few weeks.

Installing the IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone was a snap. Although it only has a numeric keypad for entering in alphanumeric characters for entering in the WEP/WPA/WPA2 key. As you hit a key, it shows you the current key where your cursor is located, but it also shows you a horizontal list of all the characters that key can produce and highlights the current key.

Bring Out Your Dead! Wait! Skype for Asterisk is <em>not</em> dead!

March 26, 2009

Digium has an excellent post today titled The Rumors of Our Death discussing Skype for Asterisk (SFA) and the recently launched (beta) SkypeforSIP (SFS). There has been much discussion on the blogosphere, twitter, and elsewhere if SFS means the death of SFA. Some were even seen carting Skype for Asterisk away into the trashbin of other failed software endeavors, as seen here:

It's not a pretty sight when people write you off for dead when you're really not. But wait just a second.

Native Skype for iPhone app coming?

March 26, 2009

Om Malik is reporting that a native Skype for iPhone app is coming next week.

According to Om:
A tipster -- a very reliable one -- tells me that Skype is almost ready to launch that iPhone version, perhaps as soon as next week. CTIA Wireless, a large mobile industry trade event, kicks off in Las Vegas next Wednesday, so perhaps the announcement will be made there. I am working on getting more details, as well as screenshots of the service.
But, if you can't wait that long, here's a good list of various workarounds to run Skype on the iPhone, including fring, which is an iPhone app you can get today (screenshot to the right), as well as Nimbuzz.

Finally! New Windows Mobile App AudioRoute Enables Earpiece for VoIP Apps

March 26, 2009

Finally a software tool called AudioRoute that can be used to route Windows Mobile audio from the earpiece speaker to the backspeaker and vice-versa. This is especially needed for VoIP applications on Windows Mobile phones.

I've tested several VoIP apps (SIP clients, Skype, etc.) on my Windows Mobile XV6700 phone and other Windows Mobiles and from what I understand the carrier forced the hardware manufacturers to block VoIP applications from using the earpiece for listening to the remote caller. You couldn't even use speakerphone. Instead, you were forced to use the backspeaker, a tiny low-quality speaker located on the back of the phone, which made phone quality horrendous when making VoIP calls.

Michael Robertson Responds to OpenSky vs. SkypeforSIP article

March 25, 2009

I would be remiss if I did not point out that Gizmo5's CEO Michael Robertson responded to me regarding yesterday's OpenSky vs. SkypeforSIP article. I had tried to reach Michael before the article went live but was not able to reach him.

Michael emailed me his thoughts, which I have now included into my original article prefaced with the word "Update" in front and with his quotes italicized.

For instance, Michael disagrees with the Skype representative on how Skype will price SkypeforSIP. He still thinks it will be expensive.

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