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Skype P2P VoIP

Skype on iPhone

July 9, 2007

I recently wrote Skype on the iPhone was not possible. Well, there is a workaround that will enable you to use Skype on the Apple iPhone. Technically, the Skype client still is NOT running on the iPhone, but instead uses a workaround to enable many of the Skype features on the iPhone.

[update: I found another awesome Skype solution besides SoonR, so keep reading!]

4/1/09 - Skype officially launched their own native app, but I'm keeping all the available "Skype options" in this article.

Also, check out this VERY HOT related story which enables Skype over 3G
Skype over 3G on iPhone

Essentially, the workaround is to install SoonR Talk, a AJAX-enabled application. SoonR's AJAX-enabled interface is available now for any mobile phone that can run the Opera Mobile browser version 8.6 and above, as well as Safari, which includes the Apple iPhone.

Skype on the Nokia N800

June 28, 2007

No Skype for Apple iPhone

June 27, 2007

With the Apple iPhone coming out Friday no doubt many people are wondering if you can install Skype or any other VoIP application on the iPhone. Well...

Toshiba laptops to Feature Skype

June 26, 2007

Skype today announced that Toshiba’s Digital Products Division will market Skype on Toshiba’s laptop computers, including the Satellite, Tecra, Portégé and Qosmio product lines. The Skype-featured Toshiba models will feature built-in webcams and microphones and customers will be able to see the branded offering with a Skype logo found adjacent to the units’ built-in webcam.

In addition, customers will be able to access a Skype icon available on the desktop to quickly and easily download the latest Skype client software from a co-branded Skype and Toshiba landing page. (I wonder how much Skype paid for this valuable piece of screen real-estate?)

Initially, Toshiba notebooks featuring webcams will include select configurations of the Satellite A215, Satellite X205, Tecra M8 and Qosmio F45 series.

Skype 3.5 adds Call Transfer

June 15, 2007

I missed this bit of Skype news from a couple days ago that announced Skype had added Call Transfer functionality, which allows you to transfer a call to another Skype user OR to a PSTN number. At first glance, many of you may be thinking, "so what?"  Well, it is big news and I should have blogged about this earlier, but I was busy playing with Microsoft RoundTable, a 360-degree videoconferencing system. (Stay tuned for a full-fledged review on that.)

The big deal about call transfer is that now businesses can use Skype as a practical business phone solution. Operating your business's voice communications without call transfer, is like tying the proverbially hand behind your back.

Skype cuts SMS rates again

June 4, 2007

Just received word that Skype is temporarily cutting in half the cost of sending SMS messages using Skype. Skype had this promotion going on last month, but this time SMS messages being sent between June 4th and June 10th to recipients in more countries than before are being included in the promotion. Last month, only 10 destination countries were included, but this time around, there are 15 destination countries – including the US and UK. (Click here for the half price campaign page)

Here's the release Skype sent out:

In deciding to repeat the promotion, the company is building upon the success of a similar week-long promotion last month which led to a significant spike in SMS message volume sent via Skype.

Skype Worm targets other popular IM clients

May 24, 2007

According to the Spyware Guide, a Skype worm is in the wild that not only targets your Skype contacts, it also checks the registry for programs like AIM, Trillian, Yahoo! Messenger, Miranda and  ICQ and then attempts to send the infection via these other IM/VoIP clients. According to the Spyware Guide, "it uses the tried and tested methods employed by similar infections over the past few months, with the ultimate payload being the Stration Worm." This "cross-breed" worm that goes across multiple popular IM networks is certainly an alarming trend. I should point out that now that Skype features "pay by Skype" (Paypal integration), this gives virus/trojan writers yet another area to target to try and surreptitiously steal funds from their victims.

Here's a screenshot demonstrating the infection being sent to an MSN Messenger client. The Spyware Guide blacked out certain sections for privacy:

Macs get first dibs on new Skype features

May 16, 2007

Skype today released Skype for Mac 2.6, which includes improved quality, stability and more features. But more interesting is that for the first time, Mac users will be able to enjoy a new Skype feature before it's available to Windows users. Pretty soon, us Windows users will be 2nd-class citizens.

Skype added a new call-transfer feature that is exclusive to the Mac platform.

SkyStone bridges Skype and PBXs using only software

May 15, 2007

Remember my SIP to Skype gateway breaks Skype's Great Wall article, which explained how you could make a SIP-to-Skype call using the PSGW gateway? One of the knocks against Skype was that it uses a proprietary protocol, which makes it difficult to use with SIP-based IP-PBXs used in the enterprise. Thus, if you want to use Skype in the enterprise you either have to use the Skype software or buy a separate Skype-capable handset device from SMC, Linksys, NETGEAR, etc. Well, some exciting news from of STONEVOICE.

Wal-Mart to carry Skype products including Pre-paid Calling Cards

May 14, 2007

Wal-Mart and Skype inked a deal whereby Wal-Mary will carry Skype Certified hardware in 1,800 of its stores throughout the country, Wal-Mart will also carry pre-paid Skype calling cards. Wal-Mart currently has cellular pre-paid calling cards in the most "prime" position - namely in the checkout lanes along with candy and gift cards since these are excellent "last minute" or "spur of the moment" purchases. I was just in Wal-Mart last week and saw some T-Mobile pre-paid calling cards in the checkout lane along with Apple iTunes gift cards further demonstrating Apple's secret plan to rule the world. (Apple just wanted to give Microsoft a 10 year head-start.)

In any event, if these Skype calling cards are indeed going to be placed in the "prime" checkout aisle location, this could spur some "spur" of the moment purchases from consumers looking to try Skype's service, which will further cement Skype's dominant position.

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