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Skype P2P VoIP

Speakables for Windows now available

May 9, 2006

A Windows shareware version of the Speakables software application that ets users "Skype" by voice command has been released. Speakables, offers several voice control solutions for many popular applications such as iPhoto and iTunes. Ironically, they announced the release of the Windows version of Speakables for Skype after their recent release for Mac OS X.  Isn't it usually the other way around?

Sony VAIO VN-CX1/B Mouse and Skype Gadget

May 9, 2006

The Sony VAIO VN-CX1 is a strange convergence gadget - it's a mouse that doubles as a Skype phone. You simply press a button on the side and the mouse flips open to become a clamshell-style phone.

I guess the idea is to combine two peripherals into one, but really this device seems pointless. For one, I read that when it is operating as a Skype phone, the mouse functions are disabled. It's a fine novelty device, but I wouldn't use it regularly and at £59.99 it's quite pricey when you can get a good quality USB headset/handset for less and there are plenty of USB ports available for connectivity.

  • Can be used as conventional handset or hands-free (speakerphone) operation
  • LED on top of the mouse lights up when there's an incoming call
  • USB powered

  • 800 dpi resolution
  • Lightweight: 67 g

eBay Global Strategy with Paypal and Skype

May 5, 2006

Yesterday eBay detailed what was talked about at their annual financial analyst conference in San Jose. A lot of what was detailed is stuff we already know. Skype passed 100 million users, Paypal is integrated with eBay, blah blah blah. They talk about the synergies between the three (eBay, Paypal, Skype), but to me Skype is still the odd man out right now. I still can't go to eBay, look up an auction listing and see the seller's Skype status to initiate a call to the seller.

Sure, eBay is in the early stages of this.

Skype 2.5 launches

May 3, 2006

Today Skype released Skype 2.5 beta. This new version will also preview a new product called Skypecasts – live, moderated conversations (e.g. a town hall or live broadcast) allowing groups of up to 100 people from anywhere in the world to talk to one another for free. Skypecasts enable people to discuss shared interests such as cars, reality TV, sports, etc.

RTX Dualphone Skype phone review

May 2, 2006

Ratings Score Installation Documentation Features Usability Performance Overall [[Ring]] Honey, can you get that? You reach for the nearest cordless phone only to realize it isn't ringing. [[2nd Ring]]Maybe it's the cell phone? You walk out to the kitchen where the cell phone is charging and it's not ringing either.

Skype cracks 100 million users

April 27, 2006

Skype tomorrow will reach a major milestone when it passes the 100 million registered users mark. Still a long way to go to catch up to McDonalds' "Billions Served", but Skype certainly is the fastest growing VoIP company. The company achieved this milestone in just two-and-a-half year’s time, and has nearly doubled in size from September 2005 when it had 54 million registered users.

"Skype has grown in leaps and bounds by making it simple for anyone across the world with an Internet connection to do something they could not do before – talk for as long as they like, to whoever they like for no cost.

EQO Mobile for Skype available for Mac operating system

April 13, 2006

VoIP on Treo 650 and Motorola ROKR, SLVR, and RAZR

April 7, 2006

EQO Communications, developer of presence-enabled calling and instant messaging solutions and services, today announced EQO Mobile for Skype on the popular Palm TREO 650 and Motorola ROKR, SLVR, and RAZR handsets. EQO actually has been calling me for the past week to try and give me the news, but I've been preparing for a major upgrade of Movable Type from 2.661 to 3.2, so I neglected to call them back. Rich Tehrani told me their news this morning, so I figured the news was worth sharing. I was one of the first to discuss EQO back in February in a blog post worth checking out.

The announcement was made at the CTIA Wireless 2006 conference, and it brings the number of EQO-supported handset models to more than 45, including some of the most popular devices from Nokia, Motorola, Palm, and Sony-Ericsson.

EQO uses a combination of a phone-resident J2ME client and a presence-enabled Voice-over-IP (VoIP) signaling network to bridge online identity, VoIP calling, and Instant Messaging services to more than 200 million J2ME-capable mobile phone handsets already in use worldwide.

Andy's got the goods on the Streamcast vs. Skype lawsuit

March 27, 2006

Andy has the scoop on the Streamcast vs. 'Skype' lawsuit. I'm a little late to the party to discuss the lawsuit and its implications since I was working on some other stuff. At first glance, it would appear that this is "sour grapes" on the part of Streamcast looking to cut into the $4 billion pie that Skype got as a result of the eBay deal.

Skylook 1.5 Skype software released

March 21, 2006

Skylook has a new version of their popular add-on for Skype that adds Outlook integration. I've been meaning to try it out myself for quite some time. One of the nicest things about Skylook is it will auto-answer your missed calls, record the message, and store it in Outlook. No need to pay Skype a monthly fee for voicemail!

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