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Skype P2P VoIP

Skype and Boingo Wireless deal

July 12, 2005

Boingo Wireless, one of the leading Wi-Fi hotspot aggregators, and Skype, today announced Skype Zones - Powered by Boingo service, offering global Wi-Fi access to Skype customers.

Skype Zones enables Skype's users to access Skype's Internet telephony calling features via Boingo's network of 18,000 Wi-Fi hot spots worldwide using a custom Skype version of the Boingo Software. Unlimited Wi-Fi access for Skype Internet telephony calls is available for $7.95 per month. Skype Zones is currently a beta service, and terms and availability may change.

This deal essentially adds another pricing model for Boingo allowing users to pop into a hotspot and make a quick Skype call. You will be limited however to making Skype calls and not be able to perform data downloads, surf the Web, etc.

Skype Free Cell Phone Calls

June 22, 2005

Skype gets all the hype - and deservedly so. Skype (for better or worse) just plain works 98% of the time - even behind firewalls. I found this bit of Skype ingenuity fascinating.

A Norwegian company, IPdrum, has found a use for that old mobile phone that's been kicking around in your desk drawer.

Stream iTunes to Mobile Phone using Skype

June 17, 2005

DittyBot is a cool script for Apple OS X that uses mobile email and VoIP (SkypeOut) to stream music from your iTunes collection to your cellphone. You simply send a text message from your mobile phone to your POP email account. Your text message should contain the keywords of a song title (and possibly an artist name) that you want to hear. DittyBot finds that email (it checks Mail every 45 seconds) and copies the song name into a text file.

vSkype adds voice, video, and application sharing to Skype

June 15, 2005

Santa Cruz Networks launched vSkype Beta, a plug-in that enables Skype users to engage in video, voice, and data sharing calls right from their client. This is now the second such software I have come across that adds videoconferencing to Skype. I recently blogged about a similar Skype plugin - Dialcom's Spontania video4skype application.

According to Santa Cruz Networks, "With vSkype, Skype users can now see who they are talking to while sharing applications, spreadsheets or photos in real-time. Whether one-to-one, in groups of 10, or in large meetings - face-to-face is better with vSkype."

“Video is one of the most highly requested features,” according to Skype.

Yahoo buys Skype?

June 10, 2005

Skype Video Conferencing

June 1, 2005

Skype and video conferencing are a match made in heaven, so it's a wonder it took so damn long for integrated video conferencing in the Skype client. The Skype video feature comes not via Skype, but rather courtesy of a third-party plugin from DialCom Networks.

Dialcom's Spontania video plug-in is designed to be integrated with any 3rd party Internet-based communication solution.

Dialcom selected Skype, a premiere VoIP solution, as the first integration candidate. The product is called "Spontania video4skype" and best of all it's free.

Skype WiFi Phone

June 1, 2005

Skype says Phone Calls Will Be Free

May 25, 2005

According to Skype CEO Niklas Zennström speaking at a VoIP tradeshow, Voice over IP (VoIP) will force traditional telephone companies to stop charging for voice calls by 2015.

Zennström said the fact telephony has evolved from a network to a software application "is a game changer". He cited the fact that since VoIP applications such as Skype have no customer acquisition costs and no real cost for calls, "we cannot charge for phone calls in the future," Zennström said. Thus, traditional carriers will have to change their business models. "If you fast forward ten years, all revenue will come from internet access and none from voice minutes or line rental."

Zennström also said he doesn't forsee the traditional carriers going away since they own the last mile copper.

Skype Affiliate Program

May 24, 2005

Skype aims to generate more business from its VoIP service by rewarding partners (affiliates) who agree to promote and sell it. Currently, Skype has around 39 million users and they claim it is increasing by more than 150,000 new users every day. Now, Skype is looking to bolster that number through their affiliate program.

Skype just announced their affiliate program that will give groups such as bloggers, Web retailers, and online communities commissions of up to 10% of the revenue they generate.. Skype has tested for the past two weeks and has already generated 1,800 affiliates including, aSmallWorld, Firstream, LunarStorm Sweden, LunarStorm United Kingdom,, Passado, Spymac and SuperEva..

Skype & e911

May 23, 2005

Skype is trying to get an exemption from the newly mandated FCC e911 rules. If you think about it, how would Skype provide accurate e911 since it is a nomadic VoIP service? Many Skype users use Skype in their home, their office, on the road in hotels, etc. So how would Skype be able to detect where you are at any given time?

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