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Skype P2P VoIP

Skype down?

September 16, 2004

Skype McDonald's-like VoIP Minutes Counter

September 15, 2004

Remember before McDonald's changed to a static "Billions and Billions Served", McDonald's billboards would change every couple years and increase in number. "10 Billion Served", "20 Billion Served", "50 Billion Served", etc. etc.

Ahhh, those were the days, driving past a McDonald's and tracking the number of people served at McDonald's...

Skype PocketPC client

September 9, 2004

I knew there were rumors of a Skype client for PocketPCs, but Andy alerted me that Skype launched a VoIP client for PocketPCs today. He also offers some interesting analysis on what this could mean and how it could impact the carriers.

For example, he said:
Add Skype out to a new iPaq 6315 with WiFi and better voice quality. I just wonder how soon the wireless carriers like T-Mobile lock down the ports "for security reasons."


Skype Lauches Apple Mac OS X version

August 31, 2004

SkypeOut free calling to PSTN due to network congestion problems

August 5, 2004

Check out this quote from the About SkypeOut website.
"As a result of overwhelming demand and unforeseen call traffic to the regular telephone network, we are unfortunately experiencing technical difficulties which impact call completions and quality in the SkypeOut network.

For your troubles and while we resolve these matters, even if you were or are able to successfully complete a SkypeOut call, we will not be charging for any minutes/calls made after today Friday 30 July 2004 10.00 am British summertime [GMT +1h] -- until our quality and reliability has improved and another announcement is posted here."

Hey, cool... free PC-to-PSTN caliling using VoIP? All because they are having network congestion?

Skype a security risk?

July 23, 2004

Voiceglo sweepstakes to win "one of this year’s hottest cars"

July 22, 2004

I just received a press release from Voiceglo that states: "Voiceglo... is encouraging people to ‘Talk It Up’ with friends and family this summer using Voiceglo’s free Internet phone, the GloPhone, and possibly win one of this year’s hottest cars in the process.

Hmmm, wonder what kind of car they're talking about? Is it a Dodge Viper?

Skype goes Linux

June 25, 2004

SIPphone vs. Skype

June 11, 2004

Review: SIPphone

I'm a fan of ExtremeTech's website - they're got some great artiles and reviews - but they're latest comparison review of Skype vs. SIPphone leaves a lot to be desired.

The reviews of both Skype and SIPphone were OK, but they made a major mistake by stating on this link, "You can't use the SIPphone to call a regular landline or cell phone, you can only call other SIPphones."

This isn't true, as the SIPphone CAN dial landline (PSTN) numbers including cell phones. You just have to buy prepaid "SIP minutes" from the SIPphone website.

Skype's Proprietary gamble...

June 2, 2004

Stuart Henshall has an interesting take on Skype's move to allow PSTN dialing while sticking with a proprietary protocol over using SIP. Check it out:
Skype Softphones?" href="">Unbound Spiral: 5 Million Skype Softphones?

Also, another blog from Alec Saunders has an interesting take on Skype and their use of a proprietary protocol. Here's Alec's blog entry:

"Stuart Henshall describes the impact of the PSTN interconnect that Niklas Zennstrom has been talking about. The impact is that there are suddenly 5 million softphone users who are dialing their friends at calling card rates, and urging them to get on Skype.

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