speaQ SIP softphone for Mobile Phones

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speaQ SIP softphone for Mobile Phones

SpeaqspeaQ is a new softphone application designed to make VoIP calls using WiFi or EVDO on mobile devices. Created by QTech, Inc., they claim it was designed from the start for smartphones and PDAs, which have limited processing power. It currently runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices and under Linux on the Sharp Zaurus.

If you have a SIP-based Broadvoice or other SIP-based VoIP phone service account, Alpha Trial speaQ provides a simple phone interface with full call logging, contact integration, and DTMF (touch tones), on any 300Mhz+ Windows Mobile devices, such as the Palm Treo 700w, HP Ipaq 2495, etc. or under Linux on the Sharp Zaurus 5600. There are no time limits on the alpha.

Features include:
- Standard Dialing
- Incoming, Outgoing, Missed call log
- Caller ID
- Last Dialed Number recall
- Mute
- Ring Tones
- STUN support for firewall communication
- Open Standard Telephone Client. (RTP, RFC 3550)
- Session Initiated Protocol (SIP, RFC 3261) signaling.
- Adaptive packet-buffering solution for latency and QoS management.
- G711 codec support.
- Integration with platform address book (Windows, Qtopia) for management of Caller and Called Information.

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