SPIRIT's Mobile Voice Engine on Microsoft Windows Mobile

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SPIRIT's Mobile Voice Engine on Microsoft Windows Mobile

Some interesting news from the Communications Developer show. SPIRIT's TeamSpirit Mobile Voice Engine (similar to Global IP Sound's solutions) is now shipping in Aliantiz soft-phone on Microsoft Windows Mobile devices.  Here's the news...

Santa Clara, CA - Communications Developer Conference - 16 May, 2007 - SPIRIT DSP (www.spiritDSP.com), the world's leading provider of embedded voice, video and audio software products, and Aliantiz, a French provider of application software, announced today that TeamSpirit Mobile Voice Engine has been integrated into Aliantiz' BeWip™ soft-phone. Developers of mobile soft-phones can benefit from SPIRIT's low-MHz high-quality mobile voice engine solution.

TeamSpirit Mobile is the world's most reliable and compact voice engine running on mobile devices today.
Thierry Zucchi, CEO of Aliantiz stated: "Thanks to SPIRIT's highly-optimized voice products, our soft-phone applications can run even on inexpensive low-MHz mass-market VoIP-enabled handsets. To promote our soft-phone in the best manner, we needed a solution that would meet the tightest quality requirements. We are looking forward to bringing SPIRIT unprecedented voice quality to the millions of WiFi users worldwide."

"Millions of users of WiFi-enabled handsets will get the utmost of WiFi communications, enjoying Aliantiz service with SPIRIT voice quality," affirmed Alex Kravchenko, VP Sales & Marketing of SPIRIT DSP. "According to In-Stat, the markets of PDA phones and smart-phones will continue to increase at CAGR of 40% per year."

The BeWip™ soft-phone runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile and can be installed both on smart-phones and pocket PCs. BeWip™ users are free to use WiFi hot spots and SIP-based providers, as well as use VoIP calling.

TeamSpirit Voice Engine is already deployed in many applications of global service providers, as well as in millions of mobile devices of major OEMs, including Compal, Quanta and HTC. SPIRIT engine delivers the industry-standard voice quality and best-in-class video performance.

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