SunTec enables unified billing for Triple and Quad Play

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SunTec enables unified billing for Triple and Quad Play

SunTec is an interesting company that has been working with telcos to help these companies understand the importance of a singular customer view in the face of increased competition and disparate legacy billing systems. With triple play, quad play, etc. service providers often have legacy billing systems that don't offer a unified view of the customer. These disparate billing systems make it more difficult to offer discounts for loyalty since they often do not know what customers have already.

SunTec stated, "On the customer side, having one bill or being able to speak to a person that knows the entirety of what they're paying for versus talk to three different departments due to siloed systems is of tremendous value." Certainly, with cable companies and phone companies now stepping onto each other's turf, this added competition will only drives price down and margins, which will force them to look for ways to increase efficiency and improve customer loyalty.

SunTec's TBMS-T system accomplishes a unified billing platform and integrates well with existing systems, is able to take on services as they're added. SunTec just recently deployed their convergent voice billing solution for Cable One, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Washington Post Company (NYSE:WPO) and operates 52 cable systems serving 685,000 subscribers in 19 states. The solution enabled billing for Cable One's new voice service and provides flexibility to introduce dynamic promotional plans with free-minutes for specific destinations along with value added services and product bundling options. The solution delivers a unified bill for the entire suite of services provided by Cable One. SunTec's Solution supports dynamic tariff modeling and handles Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based services like multi-conferencing, video conferencing, and prepaid voice enabling Cable One to introduce new competitively priced product bundles effortlessly. In addition the solution flawlessly integrates with leading telecom and tax databases that include LERG and Vertex.

"This is a win-win situation for Cable One and SunTec! I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the implementation. SunTec's commitment to quality and timelines at competitive prices is remarkable," said Kishore Reddy, Director of Voice Services, Cable One.

"In every way, SunTec met or exceeded our expectations; be it our deadlines, strict budget parameters or the level of quality we demanded, the team more than delivered on every front," said Stephen A. Fox, Vice President of Digital Services, Cable One. "The team demonstrated competence, integrity, and great sensitivity to Cable One's evolving requirements. I would like to see this not as a client-vendor relationship but as the beginning of an excellent partnership," added Fox.

"By rolling out the voice service, Cable One would be among the top league of service providers in the United States. We are excited about being a part of Cable One's success and their quest to be America's Best Cable Company," said K Nanda Kumar, CEO SunTec.

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