T1/E1 plus Ethernet over HFC

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T1/E1 plus Ethernet over HFC

First the cable MSOs went after the residential voice market using VoIP technology. Now, the cable MSOs are targetting the business T1/E1 voice market using a single-box solution that delivers T1/E1 plus Ethernet over HFC (hybrid fiber coax). Many businesses already have cable, so getting a T1/E1 dropped is as simple as connecting the Narad Broadband Interface Unit to the coax cable and the T1/E1 trunk(s) on the PBX.

Narad is integrating RAD's technology into their boxes. The joint RAD/Narad solution enables MSOs to deliver multiple commercial-grade T1/E1 circuits along with broadband Ethernet services displacing expensive T1/E1 lines leased from ILECs or CLECs. For instance, enterprises can use the T1 lines for branch office PBX trunking while mobile operators can use the RAD/Narad solution to replace leased T1/E1 lines used for cellular backhaul.

RAD has played a key role in authoring pseudo-wire standards, including TDMoIP, and has been shipping TDMoIP-based IPmux and Gmux solutions for over five years with more than 40,000 ports installed worldwide.

“We are delighted to be working with Narad to deliver T1/E1 services across HFC infrastructures,” stated Eitan Schwartz, VP and General Manager of Pseudo-Wire Solutions for RAD. “There is a huge untapped market opportunity for cable MSOs to deliver T1, E1 and broadband Ethernet services to commercial customers and wireless cellular backhaul operators within their footprints,” he noted.

Narad has physically integrated RAD’s pseudo-wire, ASIC-based CES technology into their BIUs to deliver a family of broadband Ethernet CPE devices that include single T1/E1, quad T1/E1 and high precision clock recovery options (better than16ppb). Also, Narad’s Service Delivery Platform (NSDP) has been enhanced to support the combined solution providing enhanced configuration, management and service assurance.

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