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Talkety on iPhone

TalketySince I just blogged about Skype on the iPhone using SoonR Talk in my previous post, I would be remiss if I didn't mention another VoIP solution for the Apple iPhone - namely Talkety.

With Talkety, you can have conference calls with up to 50 people, make long distance calls and sync your iPhone’s address book with your Talkety account. Technically, it isn't VoIP to the iPhone. Rather, just like the SoonR Skype workaround, it forwards calls to your iPhone, but leverage's Talkety's voice termination network (VoIP) for inexpensive calls.

Also, unlike SoonR Talk, Talkety doesn't require a PC to be turned on all the time with a special application installed. It simply uses your mobile phone's web browser and PSTN connection. All the outbound dialing and conferencing functionality is handled by Talkety's servers where the audio is muxed together and then sent to the iPhone (or other mobile device) using the iPhone's voice connection.

I'd still like to see a native VoIP app on the iPhone, but SoonR Talk and Talkety are a good start.

(Note: Jajah should work on the iPhone as well since it too is a web-app that forwards calls to the mobile device)

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