TalkSwitch 5.0 Released

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TalkSwitch 5.0 Released

TalkSwitchTalkSwitch today released TalkSwitch Software 5.0. What's interesting about this news is that this new software actually adds more IP extensions and more voicemail memory to EXISTING TalkSwitch users. Wow, first today I wrote about a free IP-PBX and now a IP-PBX that magically adds additional IP phone scalability and additional voicemail storage FOR FREE - simply using software. They must be doing additional compression to fit more voicemail and perhaps other optimizations to be able to support additional IP phones. I'm pretty sure they do software license restrictions, which require you pay to unlock additional features. So perhaps they simply increased the "base" configuration that came standard to support more IP extensions. In any case, here's the news, hot off the presses:

OTTAWA, ON – October 24, 2007 – TalkSwitch®, a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative telephone systems for small and multi-location businesses, today announced general availability of its software version 5.0, a release that offers small business customers incredible value for their dollar and further establishes TalkSwitch as the leader in the small business market segment.

The new software, available as a free download, instantly activates all available IP extensions on TalkSwitch VS and 48-CA/CVA models, giving those systems a total of 16 local extensions per unit. This more than doubles the capacity of every TalkSwitch system at no additional cost. Additionally, the base voicemail memory of all VS units will be increased to two hours.

With software 5.0, IP extensions can exist inside or outside the office, ensuring that remote and teleworking employees can be completely integrated into the office phone system. Those employees now have exactly the same functionality as workers in the office, including advanced capabilities like line appearances, inclusion in office ring groups and the ability to park and unpark calls.

“This release doubles, triples and in some cases, quadruples the capacity of all our systems. For free,” said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, TalkSwitch. “Additionally, it provides new integration and expansion options and many more capabilities; it’s a substantial owner-friendly™ and vendor-friendly™ release for our company. We expect adoption of this software to be very strong, and that customers and channel partners alike will benefit greatly from the enhanced features, flexibility and scalability offered.”

The software offers support for multilingual prompts, allowing up to three languages on TalkSwitch VS series models, and two language options on CA/CVA units. Supported languages include English, Spanish and French. Languages can be assigned at the auto attendant level, or even to individual extensions in the office.

Existing TalkSwitch customers can download the new release by visiting

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