Telrex Announces CallRex Release 3.5 VoIP Call Recording solution

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Telrex Announces CallRex Release 3.5 VoIP Call Recording solution

Telrex today announced CallRex Release 3.5, a business-class VoIP call recording and monitoring solution. For a round-up of VoIP call recording solutions, check out my article here.

According to Telrex, the new release features a new distributed-services software architecture which adds more scalability, enhanced multi-site support, streamlined storage and archiving, and additional security.

Telrex claims that CallRex was the first VoIP call recording solution verified to record encrypted VoIP calls for Cisco CallManager 5.0, and CallRex version 3.5 now provides additional security to ensure that call recording files cannot be secretly altered.

The CallRex 3.5 distributed-services software architecture features separate services for status, control, recording and conversion of VoIP phone calls. CallRex 3.5 services operate independently and are deployed on industry-standard Windows servers in single- or multi-server configurations. Together, the CallRex 3.5 services enable the recording, monitoring, retrieval, playback and utilization of call recordings from any location.

CallRex 3.5 provides multiple options for storing recorded calls, and delivers enhanced archiving features to streamline management and administration. With CallRex 3.5, call recordings can be stored on a centralized server, stored locally across multiple servers, or stored directly on Network Attached Storage (NAS) or on a Storage Area Network (SAN).

As previously mentioned, CallRex claims to be the first IP-based call recording and monitoring solution verified to record encrypted VoIP calls with Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0. Previously, companies deploying VoIP call recording solutions were forced to disable call encryption in order to record their calls. With CallRex, companies can both record their calls and maintain secure call encryption to meet stringent security, legal and regulatory requirements. Telrex is a partner in the Cisco Technology Developer Program and has met the interoperability criteria for Cisco Unified CallManager version 5.0.

CallRex 3.5 delivers digital watermarking security to ensure that call recordings, once created, cannot be secretly altered or edited. For each recorded call, CallRex digital watermarking generates a unique signature associated with the data file. Any change made to a call recording disrupts its watermark indicating that tampering has occurred. Authorized users are able to validate the watermark at any time. CallRex digital watermarking provides additional security, enhances audit-trail integrity and raises the standards for legal and regulatory compliance.

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