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The VoIP Girl

I was checking out Technorati when I noticed a new VoIP blog called linked to one of my posts. Curious about the domain name, considering there are plenty of gadget girl websites, I was intrigued to see what this new blog was about.

VoIPGirl just started her blog about 3 weeks ago (August 11th) was the first post. In her About me link she writes:

This is NOT a blog about women, or even necessarily about women who use VOIP services – I mean how boring is that. I called it The VOIP Girl because well I'm a gal. And I want to write about this industry. That's about it. What really prompted me to get going however, is the fact that there are no women commentators on this subject. I'm curious to see if my perspective will be any different.

Well amen to that! There are way too many male VoIP bloggers, so it's about time we have some VoIP bloggers from the fairer sex. Maybe you'll crack into Garrett's Top 30 VoIP blogs? You're already arguably the #1 female VoIP blogger. ;)

Ironically, in one of her posts titled Bye Bye Vonage, she talks about how she is jumping ship from Vonage. She writes, "Perhaps not the most auspicious way to start off a blog about VoIP but I'm being honest here." She explains her rationale and it's certainly worth a look. On a related note, I've finally jumped ship myself from Vonage - but more on that in a separate blog post. Take a guess which VoIP or phone provider I went with. I bet no one will guess correctly.

In another one of VoIPGirl's posts she writes, "Tom Keating recently talked about how to pure VOIP providers like Vonage stack up against the cable and telco companies offering broadband Internet VOIP phone services.... Who is Tom Keating? He owns the VOIP and Gadgets Blog and is CTO, VP and founder of TMC Labs, one of the leading sources for unbiased opinions and reviews in the VoIP, call center, datacom/telecom industries."

Well, aw shucks. Now you done gone embarrassed me.

Thanks VoIPGirl for the nice kudos for me and TMC -- and welcome aboard the VoIP blogosphere! Let's give her a hearty welcome in the comments here or on her blog.

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