TMC's Greg Galitzine Interviews Dialogic's Jeff Dworkin

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TMC's Greg Galitzine Interviews Dialogic's Jeff Dworkin

CTI for ManagementGreg has a podcast interview with Jeff Dworkin from Dialogic. I still remember the very first Dialogic telephony card I reviewed in CTI Magazine back in 1996. Ah the memories... I can't believe I've been in telecom for over 12 years! CTI Magazine (briefly called CTI for Management) was the one of the first telephony magazines solely focused on computers telephony integration (CTI). CTI Magazine was the precursor to Internet Telephony Magazine where telephony not only resides on the computer, but it resides on the network.

Anyway, Greg has an interview worth checking out. Here's a teaser...
With the ITEXPO pre-show activities reaching a fever pitch here at TMC headquarters, I took some time to speak with Jeff Dworkin of Dialogic, who will be heading up the TMC University Certification Course SIP: The Foundation For Building Enhanced Services to find out a bit more about the initiative.
Dworkin explained the goal of the certification as well as how Dialogic fits in to the whole SIP subject matter. more...

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