Top 3... make it Top 5 Common VoIP Myths

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Top 3... make it Top 5 Common VoIP Myths

Steve Brown from Network Instruments, a relatively new blogger has a post describing common VoIP myths. He only has 3 though, so I'll add a couple which I'll continue with number 4...

#4) VoIP's main purpose is to save on long-distance charges. It's all about the almighty dollar. (or yen, pound, rupee, Euro, etc.)
While that may be true for residential VoIP, for business VoIP there are many more reasons, including converged applications, lower TCO due to easier moves/adds/changes, simple 3-4 digit dialing between multiple sites, and more.

#5) VoIP calls have poorer voice quality than traditional landline calls.
With proper QoS in place, VoIP calls can actually have SUPERIOR voice quality than traditional landlines since landlines use G.711 which maxes out at 64kbps and is usually limited to 300 Hz to 3400 Hz frequency range. This limitation explains why traditional telephony speech sounds weak, unnatural, and lacks a certain "crispness". Using wideband VoIP codecs on the other hand along with a wider frequency spectrum results in a cleaner, crisper, and more natural sounding speech.

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