Top Tips for Managing VoIP

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Top Tips for Managing VoIP

Stephen Brown over at the Network Instruments blog (called Network Observations) has a good post listing top tips for managing VoIP that is definitely worth checking out.

He also lists some external links to outside resources, including InfoWorld (one of my favs & possibly in trouble) and even a link to little oh me with the caption - "Look at the cooler side of VoIP". Me, cool? Ah heck, I've never been accused of being "cool" before. If you call learning BASIC at the age of 9 cool, or wearing glasses cool, or being a huge Star Trek fan cool, or liking 80s "big hair" era music the best, or even dressing as Xena the Warrior Princess for Halloween as cool, well, then I am guilty as charged. I am one cool cat!

p.s. And don't ask me to post the Xena pictures! But if you want to see what I looked like in 1989, take a gander at these high school senior-semi pictures. Yeah, I was one of the "cool kids" in high school, no doubt about it!

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