Touch-4-VoIP Adds Microphone for iPod touch

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Touch-4-VoIP Adds Microphone for iPod touch

VoIP on the Apple iPod touch just became a reality with the help of some iPod touch enthusiasts/hackers over at Touchmods. Touchmods writes, "As promised, we can make you some Mics built into the DockConnector with the preamp." The Touch-4-VoIP connects to the touch's dock connector thereby enabling audio-input via the microphone. This can then be used for voice annotated notes and of course VoIP! Boy, life is good!

If you recall, I hypothesized about VoIP support on the iPod touch back in September. I theorized it was possible using a VoIP application that runs under AJAX within the iPod touch's Safari browser. But I also explained it would be 1-way voice since the touch doesn't have a mic. Well, problem solved. So who's going to be first to try this?

Check out some pics of this hacking masterpiece which enables mic support on the Apple iPod touch:
iPod touch microphone connector hack

iPod touch microphone connector

Oh and if you're the build-it yourself kinda guy and want to break out some Radio Shack components and your soldering iron, here's a schematic from Touchmods to DIY:
Apple touch microphone hack schematic

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