TringMe offers Enhanced Click-to-Call

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TringMe offers Enhanced Click-to-Call

tringme example of traditional click-to-call
Many click-to-call (c2c) solutions require connecting two legs of a call, which adds additional cost. TringMe has just launched enhanced click-to-call solves this multi-leg cost issue by making it a single leg call and instead using a notification method such as SMS to notify the called party of the caller's phone details.

TringMe's blog explains, "Instead of originating multiple calls (call-legs), TringMe intelligently notifies the called entity about the caller. Notified entity then automatically initiates a call back to the original Caller. The method of notification can be of any type, including sending an SMS containing the caller details OR using the data network."

For example, a website visitor can click on a click-2-call link which will notify the caller’s phone by a special message using SMS or data network. The caller’s phone receives the message and then it will automatically initiate the call to the caller using Tringme's lost cost termination rates.

Tringme states, "The call can be either cellular or using our MobileVoIP or a combination of both depending on the cheapest method to the caller’s destination. For example, a local call could be cheaper by cellular, and long distance by VoIP (a typical scenario in markets like China & India) and hence be routed accordingly."

This diagram shows how a single-leg click-to-call can be made:

tringme click-to-call
Of course, if you have a SIP softphone client on your mobile phone, along with a SIP-based service provider, you can also have a 1-leg inexpensive click-to-call solution. Or if you have a SIP-based IP-PBX such as Asterisk, you can also configure SIP softphone clients on mobile phones. However, except for some Nokia phones, and some other brands, it's rare to see SIP-based softphone clients on mobile phones. And often they are limited to the WiFi connection only - 2.5G, 3G, CDMA, etc. need not apply. Damn it, there's always a catch!

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