Triple Play Case Study

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Triple Play Case Study

Very interesting Triple Play solution case study from Intel. Some notable names in the PDF file - Netcentrex and Envivio.

IPlay3 delivers a single fully integrated solution to provide value-added voice and video services on top of a high-speed Internet offering.

IP Telephony
Our IP Telephony delivers a standards-based (SIP/MGCP/H.323) carrier-grade, scalable platform with complete Class 5 and innovative voice-video interactive features.

IP Video
Our IP Video delivers both live IP-TV and video-on-demand (IPVoD) in a complete, high-performance video platform based on the leading-edge Main Profile H.264 standard.

Billing Services
Our billing services provides a flexible, triple play enabled, multitier platform including pricing, rating, billing, settlement and profit simulation and analysis.

Subscriber Services
Our Subscriber services provides a portal framework through which the end user accesses the various services.

Internet Access/Data
Our triple play solution adapts to any existing or planned high speed internet offering by integration through our common GUI to the voice, video and billing components

Check out the full PDF here:

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