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Triple Play

CopperGate Communications CG3210 HomePNA 3.1

January 7, 2008

Today at CES, CopperGate Communications, a provider of home networking technology for triple play IPTV and MDU access over existing wiring, announced its CopperStream CG3210, the highest speed solution for networking entertainment data over existing coax and telephone wires. The CG3210 is the latest of CopperGate's HomePNA 3.1 compatible solutions and supports data rates of 320 Megabits per second enabling distribution of digital content in buildings and homes driven by emerging applications from satellite and telco service providers such as multi-room IPTV PVRs. Wow, with 320 Megabits per second, who needs fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)? Scratch that, since this is an in-home networking solution. You still need a fat pipe to the home.

Building Carrier Networks Using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Technology

November 26, 2007

Anyone want to build a carrier-class network? Show of hands - would you rather use "tried and true" hardware gear from Cisco or Juniper Networks and pay through the nose OR would you rather build your carrier network using commercial off the shelf (COTS) components? Well, just a few short years ago, most of you would raise your hands for the former over the latter. After all, who would trust their carrier network using various COTS components from multiple vendors?

Sat3Play Satellite Triple Play - cool stuff!

November 9, 2007

Apparently, I don't know everything in VoIP , since I never heard of Newtec's Sat3Play until this morning. Sat3Play is a Satellite Triple Play system that offers 2-way communication to enable VoIP, Internet access, and video (IPTV). They categorize it as a "Satellite Multimedia Broadband system".

They announced today that they has won the prestigious Frost and Sullivan European Product Innovation Award, for the company's Satellite Triple Play System (Sat3Play). Hmm, I may have to consider Sat3Play for the TMC Labs Innovation Awards.

TMCnet Kicks Butt in IP Communications

November 7, 2007

Rich blogged late yesterday about TMC's Quantcast statistics which showed TMC's domination in the IP communications space. We already knew from our Alexa stats that we dominated the space, but Alexa isn't very accurate. So we recently added Quantcast to all our web servers, including our blogs. As Rich points out, Quantcast is considered a respected third-party in measuring web traffic in an accurate manner.

He writes:
I am proud to say that Quantcast says the US reach for TMCnet is 711,127 people – this roughly translates to just under 2 million visitors in total as TMCnet has about 60% of its visitors from outside the US.

AT&T Delaying Deployment of Competitors' fiber lines?

July 11, 2007

Connecticut's Public Utiltiy Control could impose rewards or penalties that level the playing field for telecom and cable providers of voice and broadband service who say the owners of utility poles have been unfairly delaying utility pole connections for fiber-optic cable. One of those targetted by this is AT&T. According to, "Several companies, including Thames Valley Communications in Groton and Fiber Technology Networks LLC, complained that AT&T and other owners are obstructing competition by delaying hookups, a charge the owners have denied."

AT&T owns the utility poles where fiber-optic cable is attached to facilitate the connections jointly with electric companies, Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating. As you probably know, AT&T has their own hybrid fiber/copper solution called U-verse which competes with other service providers offering voice,video, and data over fiber, making delays mighty suspicious. 

U.S. SMBs spending $30B on converged communications and managed services in 2007

June 21, 2007

According to a study by AMI-Partners, small and medium businesses in the United States have been slow to adopt converged/unified communications. They claim that this trend will change this year and estimate the total SMB U.S. IP communications and managed services opportunity to be over $30 billion in 2007 and growing at a CAGR of 15.6 percent through 2010.

"SMBs are migrating toward converged communications solutions over a single IP network for voice, data, video to support ubiquitous communications, and outsourcing processes which their internal IT staff are unable to manage, says Sanjeev Aggarwal, AMI’s New York-based Vice President for SMB Infrastructure Solutions.

Two interesting stats:

  • US SMB IP-PBX shipments now exceed traditional TDM-PBX (including key systems) systems.

Red Hat Targets Carrier-Grade Telecom

June 19, 2007

Red Hat, makers of the popular Red Hat Linux distribution, is expanding their footprint in telecommunications with the acquisition of Mobicents technology and its new membership to the SCOPE alliance, an alliance dedicated towards building carrier-grade platforms.  Red Hat will work to provide the infrastructure software, platforms and tools to enable a next-generation service creation environment, and advanced delivery and management within the telecommunications industry.

“As the telecommunications industry undergoes fundamental transformation, traditional Telcos must prepare for a new competitive environment that demands greater innovation, faster time to market, responsible investment and new ways of thinking,” said Joanne Rohde, Executive Vice President of Verticals Marketing at Red Hat.

“Open Source is becoming strategic in Telecom, not only as a means to reduce costs, but as a model to inspire collaboration, inclusion and reuse – and to drive innovation.  Today, Red Hat software is routinely deployed in mission-critical Telco IT and Network environments around the world.  Through our investment in Mobicents, our alignment with the SCOPE Alliance and strong commitment to standards, we look forward to establishing Red Hat and open source software as fundamental building blocks for the successful Telcom companies of the future.”

Mobicents adds a Service Logic Execution Environment (SLEE) to Red Hat's technology portfolio.

Aepona enables Fixed Mobile Convergence

June 13, 2007

Aepona announced today their new "Voice Call Continuity" for wireline and broadband service providers. Their solution integrates with the service provider's existing services, leveraging standard such as SIP, IMS, and SS7 to deliver intelligent rating and charging. Aepona goes beyond mere call handoff to provide a VCC solution that integrates with the service provider's existing services and OSS/BSS systems. Its VCC solution provides wireline and broadband IP service providers with the capability to seamlessly implement their fixed mobile convergence strategies by assuring scalability, service interaction, and intelligent rating and charging.

Communications Developer Conference Packed with Developers

May 15, 2007

I wasn't able to attend Communications Developer Conference, so I have to live vicariously though Rich Tehrani and Greg Galitzine. This conference, which was formerly called VoIP Developer Conference is focused on - you guessed it - developers. Since this is a more focused and technical audience than TMC's Internet Telephony Conference and Expo, obviously it's going to be a smaller show. But both Greg and Rich emailed me and stated they were pleasantly surprised at just how packed the show was.

AT&T U-Verse Chance Encounter - What are the odds?

May 7, 2007

Late last week, I wrote about how I went into Best Buy and ran into an AT&T U-Verse sales rep pitching their U-Verse product. Well, over the weekend, I received an email from this same sales rep that I met at Best Buy when he used the contact form on my blog. During our brief in-person chat, I never told him who I was, so to say I was surprised to hear from him is an understatement. I mean after all, the Internet is a vast place, and as much as my ego hates to admit it, my blog is but a grain of sand in the vastness of the Internet U-verse - I mean Universe .

Well, apparently this AT&T rep does read my blog, since one of his follow-up emails said to me, "I bookmarked your site a while ago, well before I started promoting U-Verse.

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