Truphone Comes to Android - But no VoIP over 3G

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Truphone Comes to Android - But no VoIP over 3G

Truphone fans will be happy to hear that the popular VoIP application now works on Android mobile handsets, though support for the new Google Nexus One is coming soon. Truphone's new Android application enables free calls to other Truphone, Skype and Google Talk users  - though only over Wi-Fi and not 3G. 

I don't get why Truphone only works over WiFi. AT&T for example recently announced they were allowing VoIP over 3G applications on the iPhone , including Skype. While running VoIP over AT&T's 3G data connection can have sketchy quality sometimes, it's still nice to have the option. Is Google not allowing VoIP over 3G on their Android devices or has Truphone just not enabled that feature? Or is some carrier restricting Google from offering VoIP over 3G. I'm going to have to investigate this further.

However I should point out, when out of Wi-Fi, the application does still work. Instead of VoIP over 3G data it instead makes a local GSM call to the Truphone gateway. Assuming the user has a bundled package of minutes this call is often free, otherwise it is charged as a 'local call', and then the call is then routed over the Truphone network.

In any event, the new Truphone for Android release 3.0 integrates a full VoIP engine allowing users to make free calls to Truphone, Google Talk and Skype users, as well as low cost calls to landlines and mobiles. Truphone's Android application also includes IM support for Skype, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo! and MSN customers.

The new Truphone Android application is compatible with the HTC G1, HTC Magic and HTC Hero. Compatibility with other Android models with firmware 1.5 or above, including the Motorola Droid and the Nexus One is coming.

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