Unified Convergence and Disaster Recovery Webinar

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Unified Convergence and Disaster Recovery Webinar

Unified communications - the convergence of various communications medium - presents ever increasing complexity due to the way all the various pieces communicate with one another. In some instances a single failure could be disastrous for your business continuity. In two weeks - on Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 2:00pm ET 11:00am PT, TMCNet will host a webinar on this topic. Disaster preparedness may not be sexy, but IT managers, CIOs/CTOs need to stay up on this stuff.

Oracle, Iwatsu, and SafeHatch are speaking with FaxCore moderating.

Here's the description and agenda:

National disasters like hurricanes, tornados, winter storms and fires have demonstrated repeatedly that too many companies do not have an effective plan in place to ensure business continuity. However, it’s the smaller calamities, such as power outages, fire, or local floods that are far more common and affect ill-prepared businesses every single day. Other factors like HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory concerns also come into play.

Fortunately today’s technologies allow organizations to plan and implement solutions that are safe, solid, and affordable to ensure continuity of business in the case of a disaster of any size. These solutions also have linked benefits such as meeting compliance rules and improving day-to-day operations. This workshop will host a selection of very experienced panelists to address the most important issues for any enterprise – how to avoid a serious interruption of business operations.
  • How SaaS fulfills business continuity and compliance regulations.
  • IP Communications and converged solutions provide great productivity enhancing tools that could help any business remain competitive. However, there are some things that must be considered concerning business continuity and compliance planning.
  • How hosted centers meet the needs of business continuity and disaster preparedness.
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