U.S. lawmakers question telecom mergers

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U.S. lawmakers question telecom mergers

The three recently announced telecommunications mega-mergers received mixed reviews in a U.S. House of Representatives committee hearing yesterday, with some lawmakers questioning whether the deals will lead to less competition and higher prices.

Representative Heather Wilson, a New Mexico Republican said: "We are almost at this point where we've come full circle over the last two decades.We've had two decades of vigorous competition and technological innovation -- spurred initially by the breakup of a very large monopoly. We're now on the cusp of seeing the emergence of a duopoly."

Which is reminded me of my Telecom Mega-Mergers blog where I made this analogy:
"This reminds me of Terminator 2 where the bad Terminator gets frozen, broken into a billion pieces by Arnold and then a few moment later after melting, the bad Terminator reforms to be just as big and strong as before. This eerily sounds exactly like what’s happening now. We broke Ma Bell into pieces and now it’s reforming into just a few big monoliths. Not good… Not good at all."
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