U.S. Soldiers in Iraq using VoIP to call home

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U.S. Soldiers in Iraq using VoIP to call home

Whether you are in the Bush or Kerry camp, and as divisive this election year has become, I think we can all agree that we should support our troops.

I was surfing the web and came across a company, Freedom Calls Foundation, that is offering free VoIP and video services to our troops abroad so they can call home for free. When you haven't seen your loved ones for months at a time, having not just voice capabilities, but also video to "see and virtually feel" your loved ones from afar is a real morale booster for our troops. I'm sure seeing live video has a very powerful impact on the miiltary families.

Freedom Calls Foundation's mission is to build a communications network independent of military networks employing state of the art Wi-Fi, VOIP telephony, Video Conferencing and Satcom technology to enable our troops to communicate free of charge from their base camps with their families at home by internet telephone, instant messaging and video conference.

Their website states, "Your generous contributions to the Freedom Calls Foundation serve to ease the burden of thousands of our brave soldiers and their families in their effort to protect our country and rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan. A $50 contribution by just 1 million Americans will enable the Freedom Calls Foundation to offer its state of the art communication services to virtually every soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan free of charge."

I should mention that the video piece was donated by Viditel. In fact, although I don't have a photo of military personnel using Viditel, I thought I would share a stock marketing photo from Viditel. Notice the multiple video windows. I can certainly envision our troops being able to talk to parents, siblings, and grandparents all at the same time. Kudos to both organizations - and don't forget to consider a donation to Freedom Calls Foundation since it is a worthy cause.
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