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Verisign Jobs

I wouldn't normally post a job listing on my VoIP blog, however when Verisign emailed with with a PDF file containing several VoIP job descriptions, it piqued my interest. They asked me for any help I could provide, so I figures why not? I know there must be lots of VoIP techies that read my blog and are looking for a job - so if I can be of assistance to help my fellow VoIP techies, then by golly I'm going to help them!

What's interesting to note is that I discussed Verisign's entry into the VoIP space a few months ago where Verisign was leveraging VoIP with SS7 and SIP. You should also check out my ENUM ENUM ENUM! blog entry where I also mention Verisign in the VoIP space.

So now it would appear Verisign is looking for some high quality VoIP engineers for their offices in offices in Dulles, VA (Washington DC Metro area). What does this mean, especially when Verisign is coming to me asking for my help in finding qualified candidates? Does this mean there is a high demand for VoIP experts with a low supply in the labor pool? Does this mean Verisign is really ramping up its VoIP product line that I should keep my eye on?

These are but questions and I don't have the answers... yet...stay tuned...

For now, check out the email I was sent and the job descriptions and the PDF file which you can download here: Verisign VoIP Job Offerings. And if I helped you find a job with Verisign, drop me a line and let me know.

Please find attached a sample dossier of jobs that we are currently hiring for our offices in Dulles, VA (Washington DC Metro area) – These jobs support the core functions of our ATLAS platform which is the backbone of our Global Resolution, OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) and Telecom applications such as ENUM, Local Number Portability (LNP), and Voice over IP (VoIP) directory services.

We are also trying to coordinate a job fair, exclusively for the displaced employees of Level 3 at our Dulles VA offices (at 21355 Ridgetop Circle, Dulles, VA 20166) – The meet will provide candidates with compensation, benefits and other relevant information as well as some interviews and faster processing. We are scheduled to hire candidates and have the requisitions filled by the end of Q1 ’05. Update: The contact person for these jobs is Kishore Singamaneni / Recruiting / VeriSign, Inc. / 912-527-4359 -or- 214-577-3969 , email - ksingamaneni @ (remove spaces)

The jobs do accommodate candidates that need relocation to Virginia. Candidates interested in the jobs can immediately apply online: - Any help you can provide is very valuable. Thank you.

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