Verizon Hub Bites the Dust

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Verizon Hub Bites the Dust

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What an inglorious end to the Verizon Hub, which Verizon Wireless promoted as the greatest VoIP phone ever. Sure it was sexy, and sure it was gadgety - doubling as a Web tablet and digital phone frame, but apparently users just weren't buying. Not even a year after Verizon Wireless launched the Hub they have killed it.

Verizon Wireless said Sept. 30 it was discontinuing sales for its Verizon Hub. The Hub retailed for $199 and required a $34.99 monthly fee. Too high a price if you ask me. What they should have done is sold it for $50, but lock customers into a 2-year contract or something to offset the costs of this phone device. If they terminate early, then you charge them full-price. Verizon Wireless should know this pricing model from their cellphone plans. But who am I to give financial lessons?

RIP Verizon Hub, we barely knew you...

Via PC Magazine

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Funny that when they launched this they said it was supposed to revolutionize home communications. Guess they were wrong.

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