ViseonMedia Signs Visa

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ViseonMedia Signs Visa

Some more news from VideoMedia to go along with their recent Viseon Signs Fox News and Discovery Networks announcement and their VoIP + Content = Revenue Generating Possibilities announcement that I discussed in my blog. Reading their news release which claims an agreement with Visa to market their full-motion VoIP phones I am unclear exactly how this will work. Does this mean Visa can call you about some special credit card promotion offer and then "upsell" a fancy smancy VoIP phone with LCD display? If I have some time I will find out. For now, here's the news...

ViseonMedia, a subsidiary of Viseon, Inc. (OTCBB: VSNI) today announced a marketing agreement with Visa to market to VisiFone Multimedia (VisiFone MM) digital home telephone users throughout the United States. ViseonMedia’s marketing partners will deliver full-motion interactive advertising and product promotions to VisiFone installed homes using ViseonMedia’s content delivery platform. The agreement covers a Consumer Pilot rollout planned for late 2005. ViseonMedia offers consumer marketers a unique opportunity to take best advantage of a completely new media channel and untapped network. The VisiFone MM platform provides an ideal way for marketers to target, engage, and create dialog with their respective audiences in an entertaining and truly interactive manner.

"We are very excited that Visa is participating in this new media channel. VisiFone pilot programming provides leading edge marketers with an incredible opportunity to learn about consumer behavior," explained ViseonMedia president and CEO, J.D. de Haseth. "The pilot is the kick off to a media revolution, expected to reach over 27 Million VoIP consumers by 2009. We want to ensure our users receive a rich and rewarding experience on their new VisiFones."

ViseonMedia programming on the VisiFone is designed not to replace the television or the web portal experience; instead, it is a dedicated “third screen” within the home on which consumers can automatically view personalized information according to their schedule. This customized “casting” of rich media through the VisiFone is only now possible due to the increased bandwidth of today’s high-speed broadband services and their, rapidly increasing availability and use in homes throughout the world.

Win-win Marketing
ViseonMedia offers many advantages for advertisers and consumers. As the VisiFone becomes an “always on” key communications tool for the home, customers will become much more reliant upon their VisiFone to stay “connected” with the outside world in a rich, compelling, and entertaining manner. Customers will personalize viewable content according to their daily routines and schedules. The more precisely the programming is customized, the higher the relevance and personal value to the consumer. Conversely, advertisers will be able leverage ViseonMedia’s database of personal user profile and content preferences provided by the consumer. Advertisers can therefore reach individually targeted homes with personalized interactive messages which can lead to a variety of trackable and measurable consumer interactions. VisiFone MM users will be able to interact further with any advertiser by requesting to see more detailed information such as a downloadable informational video or how-to guides, print product coupons for later redemption, make an immediate purchase, or push one button to talk directly to a participating advertiser or local retailer by audio or video.

 Viseon Inc. has filed a number of patents relating to ViseonMedia and its business concepts, functionality and features. ViseonMedia expects to offer services to carriers and consumers both in United States and abroad. For further information, please see the company websites at and, or visit ViseonMedia’s booth # 73 at AD:TECH05, April 25-27 at San Francisco Marriott, 55 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA.

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