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Voiceglo VoIP Numbers

Some VoIP numbers to share from Voiceglo.
2.7 million consumers? Voiceglo has done an impressive job marketing themselves, but I am a bit skeptical over this number. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth sharing...

Voiceglo Continues to Increase Users on Its Global VoIP Network

Company Experiences Rapid Adoption Rate as More Than 2.7 Million Consumers are Using Its Unique Web and PC-based Internet Phone Service to Connect with Friends and Family Worldwide

(FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla) - December 2, 2004 – Voiceglo (OTCBB: TGLO), a global communications and networking company, today announced that it has reached more than 2.7 million users of its proprietary, patent-pending Internet phone technology, GloPhone. The GloPhone was first offered to consumers in February 2004 as an affordable and convenient way to call friends and family throughout the world using a dial-up or broadband Internet connection on their computers. The company announced in October 2004 that it had reached 1.8 million users, and presently, customers in more than 86 countries have acquired the GloPhone, a number that is quickly increasing as the network continues to expand domestically and internationally.

Since launch, Voiceglo now has more than 2,749,527 users on its GloPhone network, with nearly sixty percent of its users coming from international markets. Voiceglo's average monthly growth rate of 170 percent illustrates how quickly consumers are adopting VoIP as a viable phone alternative to offset the rising cost of traditional telecommunications services.

"Since Voiceglo first launched the GloPhone in February, we have continued our rapid adoption rate in the VoIP market," stated Edward Cespedes, president of Voiceglo. "Voiceglo's innovative combination of free and low-cost global peer-to-peer broadband or dial-up VoIP that enables users to make and receive calls from conventional and wireless phones anywhere in the world, has enabled the company to make continued gains in the industry and experience an even greater rate of phone activation by consumers."

By integrating voice with its proprietary, patent-pending peer-to-peer technology, Voiceglo has been able to accelerate consumer adoption of VoIP and make significant contributions to the overall development of the global VoIP industry. In 2004, Voiceglo's GloPhone has received several honors for its achievements with GloPhone, including Frost & Sullivan's Product Differentiation Innovation Award, SuperComm's 2004 SuperQuest Award and the 2004 VoIP Service Provider Award by Internet Telephony magazine for its ability to rapidly accelerate market adoption of its patented, proprietary VoIP technology both domestically and internationally, and for its continued contributions to the overall growth of the VoIP industry.

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