Voiceglo's Nextel-like push to talk VoIP feature

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Voiceglo's Nextel-like push to talk VoIP feature

Ever sit next to one of "those people" that have a Nextel phone and use its "push to talk" feature to hold a seemlingly endless conversation for all to hear? I'm fine with "push to talk" for quick messages, but its quite irritating when they use push-to-talk to have a 20 minute conversation. And that Nextel "beep" when the person has finished speaking is just as irritating. Well, it was only a matter of time before someone invented "push to talk" for a VoIP application. Voiceglo's GloMessenger, as it is called, will be free to every GloPhone user and allows them to send and receive voice messages (P2P) to their friends and family also on the GloPhone network, and any other GloPhone user that may be on their buddy list. I commend Voiceglo for their marketing efforts in promoting VoIP and adding new features, but I pray if VoIP push-to-talk technology is successful there will be more etiquette in its usage than I have currently seen by Nextel users.

Here's VoiceGlo's news release...

Voiceglo Introduces VoIP Industry to Voice Messaging

Users of Unique Internet Phone Service Can Now Talk to Friends and Family Instantly with the Touch of a Button

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - OCTOBER 28, 2004 – Voiceglo (OTCBB: TGLO), a global, full-service Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications company, today announced that it has added a peer-to-peer voice messaging feature to its proprietary Web- and PC-based service, the GloPhone. Very similar to the push-to-talk functionality of cell phones, GloMessenger now allows the more than 1.8 million GloPhone users to send and receive instant voice messages to other GloPhone users on their buddy list. Voiceglo is one of the first service providers in the VoIP industry to offer a voice messaging application of this caliber to its users.

GloMessenger, which is now available in beta on the GloPhone Web site (www.glophone.com), allows GloPhone users to send voice messages to one another using MP3 formatted files - without ever having to initiate a phone call. Offering the same connectivity and dynamics of text-based instant messaging services, GloMessenger will allow users to select a contact from the display window, click on the “Send Message” button and record a sound byte that will immediately be transmitted to that contact. The recipient will then see their GloPhone display window flash – indicating that they have a GloMessage waiting – and can then listen to the audio message and reply. With the ability to receive multiple messages simultaneously, GloPhone users can now engage in real-time conversations with their friends and family online without worrying about missing a call.

“Voiceglo is very excited to be one of the first, if not the first, VoIP providers to offer voice messaging to consumers throughout the world,” said Michael Egan, CEO, Voiceglo. “This application not only advances our own VoIP service, it also encourages continued innovation in the overall VoIP industry. With GloMessenger, we are expanding the communications options available to consumers and delivering on enhanced features that they are asking for.”

GloMessenger can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world – so GloPhone customers will always be able to take advantage of this advanced messaging feature. Using a dial-up or broadband Internet connection, all GloPhone users – no matter which GloPhone package they have – can log into their account and immediately begin sending GloMessages to their other GloPhone buddies that are online. This free P2P messaging feature will not only increase the level and frequency of communication between friends and family separated all over the world, but it will also save both parties extensive amounts of money.

Voiceglo offers an innovative way of combining free and low-cost global peer-to-peer broadband or dial-up VoIP, allowing users access to make and receive calls from conventional and wireless phones anywhere in the world. More than 1.8 million consumers in over 60 countries are currently taking advantage of GloPhone’s advanced calling features and local, long distance and international calling capabilities. With this latest feature addition, both current GloPhone customers and new customers that join the network will be able to update their GloPhone to enjoy the immediate global connectivity that GloMessenger brings to the VoIP service. With the click of a button, GloPhone users will be able to download GloMessenger to their phone’s interface and begin sending and receiving messages.

The addition of this voice messaging application to the GloPhone service will allow Voiceglo to offer consumers a more personalized and interactive calling experience, while continuing to make advancements in the VoIP industry.

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