VoIP and Internet Telephony Expo are on FIRE!

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VoIP and Internet Telephony Expo are on FIRE!

VoIP is on Fire

VoIP and Internet Telephony Expo is on Fire!

I was standing at the ETG Technologies booth (who have a really cool gadget by the way) and the smell of smoke was permeating the air. All of a sudden a small electrical fire popped up on the floor (right where two electrial extension cords were connected). As cool as fire looks, and as much as I loved to play with fire as a kid, fire is not a good thing. However, on the bright side, I guess this show was so packed with so many VoIP exhibits sucking electrical juice that the hotel's electrical wiring couldn't hande it. Good thing we're moving the VoIP tradeshow to a bigger venue - the Los Angeles Convention Center next year. Hopefully they can handle the juice! (truth?)

Hey, now you can say that Internet Telephony Expo and VoIP are on FIRE both literally and figuratively!

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