VoIP Call Recording using Port Mirroring

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VoIP Call Recording using Port Mirroring

VonalinkRemember my VoIP call recording round-up of various VoIP call recording solutions? Well, it's time to update that post with a new solution I found from Arcosoft Inc. Arcosoft today announced the release of VONaLink TeamRecord, which works with any VoIP phone system based on the open SIP standard, such as Asterisk or Vonage, to centrally record all phone calls. What is interesting about this solution is that it unobtrusively "sniffs" for voice packets on your data network by leveraging the port mirroring capability of a network switch. By implementing port mirroring, TeamRecord can see all of your network traffic, and then using intelligence packet capturing technology it can find the RTP (audio) stream without the need for any recording software at each workstation. Sure, you could do port mirroring even without Acrosoft and then use Ethereal or some other packet sniffer to decode the RTP streams, but it's more of a kludge. Besides, most network packet sniffers weren't designed with VoIP in mind, so their features are limited.

VONaLink has some interesting features. For instance, in addition to recording the RTP audio streams as a stereo WAV or MP3, you can add an inaudible watermark for later verification that the file has not been changed. In addition, users can listen to recordings of their own calls from any web browser.

VONaLink TeamRecord runs on Windows XP Pro, 2003, and 2000. Price starts at $500 USD for 5 phone licenses. Each additional phone license is $100 USD. You can download an evaluation copy from www.vonalink.com

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